Trial(s) Lake

Woo wee!! What a crazy few days! 

Cory and I decided that once the house was listed we needed to take a family break - just us four - and spend some time together. And that's just what we did. We spent the last 4 days at Trial Lake in the Uinta Mountains in Utah. So gorgeous!! 

Tuesday morning I was up at 5 to get in my 16 mile long run. It went ok. The runs are getting more painful the longer I go, which is normal. But it scares me that I'm hurting after 16 miles and I'll still have 10 more to go on race day... I guess that's why we train, right? To be honest, this run deflated my excitement for a marathon. It was really tough on me mentally. I'm not even sure why. So my plan is to do some digging and get my motivation and drive back up so I can complete this goal. 

Anyway, right after my run I came home, stretched for about 5 minutes, showered, and then we packed up and headed out. For future reference, I DO NOT recommend going on a trip immediately after a long run. OUCH!! I didn't have a choice though, so I tried not to complain. We made it and found a really pretty campsite and set up camp. 
Kennedy was THRILLED about being camping. She loves it. In fact, she's the best behaved when we're camping. 
Brynlie however, was not. We finally concluded after two days and two nights of crying and screaming that she's teething. What else would cause her to turn into a monster? So we had to improvise to keep her happy. The hammock was one such tool that we beat to death. 

After sitting around and enjoying the peace and quiet we decided to go walk around the lake and go pay for our campsite. 
And then it was time for fishing. Cory has been dying to take Kennedy fishing and he finally got that chance. And much to our delight, she loved it!! 
Brynlie and I just sat on the beach and watched. Luckily the fishing was good and there was a lot to watch. 
Each time Cory would cast Kennedy's pole and hand it to her, she would immediately sigh and say, "Come on fishes!" Like she'd been waiting all day. 
But they were biting like crazy so she didn't have to wait long. Within 10 minutes she had caught her first fish! It took me at least 10 years, so she's way ahead of the game. 
It was just a little one so we planned to set it free. But first she wanted to pet it and tell it everything would be ok 
but then setting it free wasn't successful 
So we kept it and threw it in the garbage later. Poor little fish. But Kennedy didn't seem to care. She was loving the whole experience. 
Ten minutes later she had caught her second fish! This one was much bigger and worth keeping. 
The girl is a pro. I think the key is to be impatient. It works for me and playing poker. 

Wednesday we decided to try hiking. It was the one thing I really wanted to do, so of course it was the one time Kennedy whined and complained. We didn't make it too far, but at least we got to do a little bit. Ps, notice the hoodie weather. It was amazing to get out of the heat! 

Then an afternoon rainstorm came through and B and I played peek-a-boo in the trailer. 
She's not very good at hiding 
But when she finds you the laugh is so cute it'll melt your face off. 

Then, more fishing. And Kennedy caught more fish. 
And the next morning? More fishing. And more fish. 
She ended up catching 5 total, including the ones we had to let go. Pro status. And something incredible happened to me while watching, B fell asleep in my arms! So we got to cuddle for over an hour. Too bad I really had to pee and ended up waking her up. 
We also saw the Provo River Falls 
Family photo fail. 
And drove around looking for future campsites. Oh, and more peek-a-boo. 
Overall the trip was awesome. We came home feeling closer and happier because we actually got to spend time with the people who make us the happiest. It was amazing leaving all the stress behind and enjoying nature and each other. 

Side note:
The bathrooms had door handles like these:
Doors like these are why I have trust issues. 

Time to shower and do laundry and let someone else cook dinner. 

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