Struggles and Sunshine

The long run is done!! 15 miles checked off the list. 

My running partner is having some heart trouble so the run didn't go as planned, but everyone survived and hopefully she gets some good news at the cardiologist next week. Also, IT'S FREAKING HOT!! So we had some struggles and setbacks. But it's ok, not every run can be amazing. 

I came home and attempted my first ice bath. I know I didn't put enough ice in because it all melted within a couple minutes, but the cold bath really helped ease my legs and feet right away. Next time I need to get a little more hardcore and dump our whole ice maker's worth in and suck it up. 

After the run I had to hurry and get the kids and myself ready and meet some friends at Liberty Park! We rode the rides 

And spent some time playing in the Seven Rivers water feature. It was tough having kids at two separate stages. I felt like a piece of taffy being pulled in two directions. I was so worried about someone running off with Kennedy while I was trying to keep Brynlie from drowning or drinking the water. After running so far, I was way too tired for that, so we ended up leaving earlier than everyone else. But we had a great time and I got to meet Big Buddha in person. He's much shorter than I thought. 

The rest of the day was filled with heat, sweating, and crankiness. I also had some serious food issues and just devoured everything that came in front of me before I remembered to take a picture. But we had homemade chicken tacos (my fave!!) for dinner. I've also had an obscene amount of water today. Like A LOT! I've just felt so thirsty the whole day. This heat is going to kill me. I'm convinced. 

I wanted to share some of my favorite things lately. 

I tried a self-tanner for the first time that I had heard about many times on YouTube. 
I would say it's a keeper. If you're into the whole self tanning thing (which I've never been until recently -- but I wanna avoid skin cancer without having to be so white I could land airplanes) then check out lovingtan.com. You can also YouTube it and some people have discount codes. That's how I finally decided to buy it; someone had a killer discount to offer. Boo yah! 

I've been loving cherries so much lately I could marry them. I don't know what it is but they truly are natures candy. 

I started watching the older episodes of The Office again in the tiny increments I get to watch TV. It's still one of my favorite shows. Bears. Beats. Battlestar Galactica. 

Cant. Get. Enough. Mexican. Food!!! I've always been a fan, but lately it's all I ever want. I'm about ready to see if I can just live above Costa Vida. Ya-freaking-um!!! 

Ok, it's late and my eyes are burning and watering as I write this so I'm hitting the hay. Sleep is also one of my favorite things lately. And always. 

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