Random Acts of Camera Roll: Part 3

Got in a short speed session this morning. 
It was supposed to be 5 miles, and done yesterday, but you don't need to know that. 

Just when I think we've outgrown him, he makes a comeback. 

The girls and I went to lunch with my sister-in-law yesterday. We both said we were eating right and wanted somewhere healthier. So naturally after a healthy lunch, we talked ourselves in Yogurtland. It was actually our first time there. Pretty tasty! 
Kennedy had too much candy in her mouth to smile and it was obviously making me laugh the ugly laugh. 

I never thought there would be a point in our marriage where I would ask Cory, "Have you seen my balls?" And yet, here we are... 
I've had a really sore back. Gotta work it out! 

Swimming with Aunt Hillary today! 
And something amazing happened. Kennedy went up to the other kids in the pool and made friends. She's been so introverted until recently. I just sat there beaming at her and trying not to cry.

First pony tail! 

It was my old mans birthday today. 
Kind of sucks celebrating a birthday in a care facility so we tried to brighten his day. He's such a good man. I'm a lucky daughter. 

You know you have a good uncle when he teaches you how to drum. 

And you know you have a good aunt when she buys you adorable cowgirl boots! 

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