July 4th Stuff and Other Non-Patriotic Stuff, Too

I have a new mantra 
I've heard part of this song on the radio before and thought, "Eh, that's ok. Not as mean as I would make a fight song sound." But then it showed up on iTunes while I was looking for new workout songs and I decided to buy it. It came on during my morning run yesterday and when the chorus started, I started to cry. My gosh, you guys! I've been so emotional lately! Anyway, it pumped me up and I jumped off the treadmill and turned it on repeat until I finished. I'm officially a lover. And a fighter. 

Besides, I'm going to need all the motivation I can get (and to soak up my Sunday rest day) to get though next week
You know it's going to get ugly when the dress code goes out the window. I'm slightly nervous but really excited. I have no long run this coming week to compensate for, so I'm ready to do the third bullet point down. And then some. 

Brynlie was feeling a little better yesterday but still in pain. She would be happy and then just randomly throw herself on the floor and scream and twist in pain. I'm convinced it was the reflux because that's what she did as a new baby when it was really bad. After a few hours I knew we needed to do something to get out of the house. We hopped in the Jeep and headed up Farmington Canyon and made it all the way to the top. I wish these pictures did justice to how on top of the world it felt. 

It also calmed my restless girls right down. They loved it!! Brynlie would even sing and try to make her voice shake over the washboards in the road. It was hilarious! I love the mountains and I love that my girls love the mountains. Also, it was only 71 degrees at the top. So nice! 

We came home and just heated up leftovers for dinner. 
My foods were touching and I was actually okay with it. I'm really growing in my adulthood. 

Actually my diet has been a little sucky the last few days so let's pretend the dinner isn't gross and loaded with carbs. I'm excited to get back on track this week. My meal planning is done and everything is healthy enough I might get to do some recipe sharing. 

After Daddy got home we went outside for the fireworks party. 
One thing I'm going to miss about this neighborhood is this holiday. Everyone celebrates. We hated it when we had a newborn, but now that Kennedy is old enough, it's so fun to just go outside and watch all our neighbors light off the fireworks they forked out money for. There's so many of them it's quite the show. We bought a few of them ourselves and had some fun before we went to bed. 

Kennedy has recently decided she needs ice cold water right before bed. On the nights we forget to oblige her requests, about 5 minutes after we've tucked her in, we will hear her door open, then a pause, and then it'll shut, and this is always waiting right outside her door for us to fill up:
I want to make some wise crack about this not being a hotel service, but who am I kidding? Being a mom is basically like running a hotel. 

This song popped up on Pandora this morning and it made me bawl. Go download it. There's a lot of "father" songs out there, but this one is great. 

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