It's Not All About The Scale

Tomorrow we list the house! 


I'm so nervous and excited and anxious all at the same time. If you can, send some extra prayers our way that it'll sell fast. 

I wanted to pop in amidst the craziness of cleaning and organizing to share a success I had this week. 

As I've mentioned before I was pretty thin after Kennedy. Because of that, I have a small stack of jeans in my closet that I've kept, but honestly never thought I would be able to wear again. I never saw myself getting that small again. 

My weight hasn't budged in months, which isn't a huge deal, but I've had people at the gym complimenting me frequently without the change. I assumed they were all crazy, because if I wasn't losing weight, then nothing was changing. 

WRONG, Megan, wrong. 

I decided on Sunday to try on those rejected pair of jeans, just for fun. A few months ago when I tried them on, none of them would fit over my butt. 

I'm happy to report that ALL the pairs of jeans now fit over my butt, and 3/5 of the pairs button up now! WHAT?! I was so excited and completely shocked!! 

You always hear that it's not always about the scale, and this was a huge example of that. So please don't give up if the scale isn't budging, because inches matter, too! And that's the part people can see getting smaller; no one has any idea what you weigh. 

Anyway, I was pretty excited about it. I loved the look of those jeans so come winter, I'll have some cute pairs to wear again. Yay! 

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