Holiday Madness

It's been a busy couple of days around here. But first, some updates: 

We're still under contract. Negotiations have been a little crazy but that part is now over and we're all set to close on the 13th. I haven't been saying it's "sold". Nothing is final until the papers are signed, but the closer it gets the more excited I get. 

I'm still set to go but the wind has left my sails :( I've had some great runs this week which have helped. But my friend being able to run with me isn't looking promising, so I've been tackling runs alone. I'm also starting to feel the physical toll of marathon training and it's exhausting! I try to run 3+ days a week, making sure to always include a speed work run/tempo run, some hill training (I prefer trails but any hills work), and a long run. On top of that I'm doing weight lifting and going to the gym daily for the boot camp/cross training classes, which are intense. It's been really hard, especially as the mileage increases for each run, to find a balance between training my body to push through tiredness and overtraining. I always rest before a long run and I'm doing my best to stretch and foam roll and use my lacrosse balls to work out any problem areas. I feel like I'm pretty good at listening to my body though. I have a 17 mile run on my schedule tomorrow but I know my body is much too tired for that, so I'm shortening it to whatever I feel is doable. I ask myself every single day why I was stupid enough to sign up for this haha. But crossing that finish line will be something else. It'll be worth it, right?? Right?!? 

We've been pretty busy getting house stuff taken care of. We got our storage unit, which is too small, so I'll be selling some of our ancient furniture to make room. Cory is the king of hoarding so half of the storage unit will be filled with crap from the garage. We went to go take our first load in the other day right as a storm blew in. It was crazy because as Cory was figuring out how to open it, I looked down the rows of units and saw the rain start to pound and move toward us. I've never seen anything like it and it was awesome. We got the door open and got inside the second it hit. And holy crap, it POURED!!! Rain that hard on a metal roof was deafening. We had no choice but to sit and wait it out. 
But that doesn't mean we didn't have some fun. Some of my favorite summer memories are running and playing in the rain and our kids are learning the joys of it as well. 
One was a little more hardcore than the other. We won't mention any names. 

Exciting news! My nephew has his headstone now. Collin and Natalie did a great job designing it. It's beautiful. 

Today is a big holiday here in Utah. A town close to us always has a parade and fireworks the night before. We've missed it the last couple years due to laziness and a strong hate for crowds, but we made it this year! 

Cory and I grew up attending the parade and we want our kids to enjoy the same tradition, even if Kennedy doesn't like the loud noises. 
But she warmed up pretty quickly 
And all Brynlie cared about was eating the swag. 
I was pretty happy about the pizza coupons, too. 
I mentioned before how Kennedy has suddenly broken free of her shyness and has been making friends everywhere we go. It's actually been a small problem because she wants to do what the kids are doing regardless of what it is or if I've told her no. She instantly buddied up to the kids next to us during the parade. 
It was an intense moment for me to watch. Those kids weren't the most friendly and I watched in deep suspense hoping they wouldn't say or do anything mean to her. I know that's part of life and it will happen eventually, but she's just barely gained some confidence and I am terrified of someone extinguishing that from her already. Luckily they weren't mean, and she didn't seem to mind that they weren't openly embracing the adorable little redhead girl. She was having too much fun! 

The fireworks were also great. These are actually my favorite fireworks of the summer. They light them off super close to where everyone is sitting so it's loud and explosive. 
This picture makes me laugh. I don't know what the heck happened to Brynlie but the second we arrived and set her free from the stroller, she lost her mind. It was like someone snuck her a Red Bull! I have never seen her that hyper or energetic before. She was constantly running away from us and cackling a maniacal laugh each and every time. We could not stop laughing. And doesn't she just look super buzzed in the picture? I love it! Also, an adorable little boy shared his glow sticks with Kennedy and some nearby kids. It makes my heart happy that there's still good, kind people out there who are raising good, kind children. 

The kids loved the fireworks and had a blast, which made their 11:30 bedtime, and the horrible attitude they have had today, absolutely worth it. 

I totally feel off my writing game today. I think it's because I'm so tired. Hopefully after a decent bedtime tonight I'll be back to myself tomorrow. 

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