Boobs and Other Stuff

This morning started out a little emotional. 

The biggest "size" change that has happened to my body since losing my pregnancy weight, let's get real, has been my boobs. Poor, defenseless, boobs. They're gone. Disappeared into the mystical land from which they came. No one tells you after babies your body will go through reverse puberty. 

I'll tell ya, it bruised my ego a few months ago when we went to Victoria's Secret for some new bras and after measuring me, they told me they don't carry a size for me. 
Cory told me some day we would get me a boob job and then we could go back and Pretty Woman their asses. "You made a big mistake! HUGE!" 

But sometimes it makes me a little sad. While I don't believe giant knockers are the key to happiness (at least for women), I think having something, anything, is the key to feeling feminine. Otherwise I just look like a 13 year old boy. So some days, like today, when I put on my sports bras and look in the mirror wishing that my stomach could be as flat as my chest, I get a little down. It's a good thing having kids is worth it. 

It's also a very good thing we're moving. They recently put in a Beto's right by our house and I cannot stop eating these:
It's a shame food you eat doesn't go straight to your boobs or I would have things up and growing in no time! But if I want to keep my thighs at an acceptable size, which is where food truly goes on me, then leaving the temptation is what's best for everyone. Cory is the one who made me try these burritos, so it's his fault. They're delicious and enormous; everyone claims you can't eat a whole one in one sitting. The first time we got them I polished mine off and started cleaning up the mess. Cory looked up from his seat and asked me, "Where did you put the other half?" 
** blank stare **
"The other half of what?"
"Your burrito?"
(Pointing to stomach) "Right here!" 

This is our life. 

We got a random IKEA catalog in the mail yesterday that Kennedy took a remarkable interest in 
It reminded me of my childhood days when we would get the humongous JCPenney catalogs in the mail and I would spend time flipping through them to see the toys and accidentally see the grown ups in their underwear and giggle. Oh, to be young and innocent again...

Just kidding, that wasn't any fun. I didn't have any boobs then, either. 

I've got a canyon run planned early tomorrow morning that I'm super stoked for. I haven't been down this one since I was pregnant. I'm hoping for a much more pleasant experience. Fingers crossed! 

P.S. It's almost Friday. Which means nothing to me, because I'm a mom, but for those that care, it's almost Friday. 

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