Bloody Butts and The Children's Museum

I dont usually see much merit in talking about my gym workouts unless something crazy/funny/unusual happens. Yesterday was worthy of a mention. The workout was pretty darn brutal. 
Okay, okay... This workout is clearly crazy, and obsessive, and intense, and belongs with actual military boot camp. But we only do these every few months to really beat down the muscles. We're told its really good for the body. I'm sure that's a lie and its just a ruse designed to be our trainers entertainment when he's feeling bored. He gives us a limited amount of time to finish what we can. I pounded out the 500 mt climbers, push-ups, and dumbbell sumo squats and got some of the bar rows and sit ups done. 

The sit ups were the worst part. We've had intense sit ups on the board every day this week. My tailbone area can only take so much friction before it starts to get rubbed raw. It was already at the raw point before today, so when I started the sit-ups my backside was in a lot of pain. I tried shoving toilet paper down my pants (no shame, here!) and when I removed it, it was bloody... So my butt was bleeding from sit-ups. My arse literally got chapped. Not sure if that's hard core or just stupid. You decide and let me know. 

Since we've been showing our house I've felt like we can't be in it. There's absolutely no way to keep it clean with the kids home, so we've been trying to find things to do out and about. Yesterday my mom and I took the kids to the children's museum at Discovery Gateway. We had never been there before and the girls loved it! There was so much to do! 
I love that Brynlie could crawl around and play as well. She would have been stampeded had it been busier, but we avoided her being trampled. Crisis averted. 
B walked up to the water table and instantly started splashing. She LOVES water. 
Like father like daughter. 

I thought she would like the TV thingy more, but she didn't care. 
The helipad however, had her name written all over it. 

And she made me get inside with her. 
Then she picked up her boyfriend for a romantic date saving lives. 
And B pretended to run them down. 
We will definitely be back again, next time with Daddy and on a day when we can spend a few hours there. We'll need more time for Cory to play and explore, too. My husband is 5. 

We also got some great news tonight! We are officially under contract!! 2 days, guys! It sold in two days. Thanks for the prayers I'm assuming you offered us to help it sell fast. Now time to start packing and taking care of business like getting a storage unit and canceling the power and gas bills and whatnot. Ah!!! So much to do. I hope I don't self-destruct. 

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Two days?! That's great news!