Another Baby

You know those days where you just can't seem to talk yourself into anything? I had a morning like that. 

Brain: get out of bed. 
Me: no. 
Brain: your alarm went off 10 minutes ago, lazy!
Me: I don't care. It's Saturday. And Kennedy is sleeping at Grandmas. And my sheets have never been softer. 
Brain: fine. I'll make you have to pee so bad it hurts. 
Me: *grumbles obscenities*. 

We had a similar conversation about my run I had to complete today. I came up with every procrastinating idea I could think of. I'll do it later after breakfast. I'll do it tonight when Cory gets home. I'll do half now and half later. I'll skip it; I'm pretty dang sore anyway. 

Long story short I sucked it up and took Brynlie in the stroller since it was only 76 degrees this morning. We only have a double jogging stroller but I figured with only one child it couldn't be that bad. HA! I failed to heed to the weather forecast and didn't realize it was super windy today. What was supposed to be 6 tempo miles turned into 6 miles of repeatedly running into a wall. 
I did the 6 miles but they certainly weren't tempo. I might as well have been pushing a car. I even had people stop on the trail and give me their well wishes and sympathies for having to push a sail boat down the trail against the wind. But hey, great resistance training, right? 

The rest of the day wasn't too exciting. My mom and I went to IKEA and once again I was reminded that I hate going anywhere on a Saturday. I feel like I'm pleasant about 67% of the time, but once I'm around crowds that percentage drops to about 5%. I need to stop being such a Scrooge, but it's tough. Some people just piss me off. 

We did have lunch at Habit Burger before we ventured to IKEA which helped my crankiness. I like to take precautions and make sure I'm good and fed before thrown into dangerous situations. The only thing worse than an angry Megan is a hangry Megan. 

I came home with the essentials; a.k.a. crap we don't really need. But IKEA is like Costco; you can't leave without being suckered into something. And it got me super-duper excited to fix up a new house when the time comes. 

So as you can see by the title, we have a big announcement. We have another baby in the family. 
I'm not big on "look-what-I-just-bought" posts, but I am so dang excited about this!! I've wanted one since my birthday but it was too expensive. Cory said I could get one for Christmas, but I didn't just want one thing and opted for other stuff. Today I took the plunge and was finally able to get one. I literally cannot wait to see how it changes my fitness life. The only thing I regret is buying it on a Saturday - after I've already worked out - and right before my rest days. So I'll have to wait for the start of the week to really break in this baby. I'll be sure and let you know how I like it! I've heard nothing but awesome things from my friends who have them. We might even have to get Cory one. 

Well, Kennedy is having batting practice with a PVC pipe and goldfish in the living room and Brynlie is constructing a ladder so she can get on the shelf in front of the TV to rub her grubby little hands all over the screen, so I'd better bow out now. That'll teach me to try and blog while the kids are awake. 


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