Sweet 16

So here's something fun...

I took almost a week off from the gym. Which means I went a week without my pre-workout. 

This is what happens to me when I take my pre-workout after such a long break:

  • I made breakfast for myself and the girls before they even woke up. Eggs and fresh fruit, plus carnation instant breakfast in their milk for the girls. 

  • went to the gym and pushed it hard. I was literally dripping sweat like CRAZY!
  • made lunch
  • scrubbed the couch and washed it down. It sure looks pretty, but will only be that way until tomorrow. 
  • washed and folded laundry
  • cooked chicken for dinner and got it marinating
  • painted door jams and doors (2.5 hours worth)
  • vacuumed
  • swept the excess sand set off the back patio
  • emptied the dishwasher
  • filled the dishwasher
  • made an incredible dinner
  • gave both girls a bath and put them to bed
Yeah, I'm pretty much super woman with caffeine pumping through my veins. I'm a tad tired now, though.

So let's get down to the highlight of the whole day; dinner. I'm trying a few new recipes this week because I think the consensus around our house is that if we have to eat another one of my usual meals again, my family is going to replace me. So I'm branching out. I am frighteningly fond of Mexican food. I could never ever get sick of it and the majority of what we eat is Mexican related. Enchiladas are a staple at our house. They're delicious and easy and make great leftovers. Tonight I made the incredible Six Sisters enchiladas (minus the heavy cream) but did it with a twist. I used the recipe for the chicken marinade but decided to try my hand at making my own enchilada sauce.
The picture actually kind of makes it look gross. But I used this recipe. It's a copy cat recipe of Cafe Rio's green sauce. Let's be honest, Cafe Rio could make dog poop appetizing. It's one of my favorite places to eat. I recall one summer eating it for lunch at least 3 days a week. Anyway....

This recipe was AMAZING!! It tasted exactly like the Cafe Rio version and it was really easy. It is a bit time consuming as far as cooking time goes, but it makes a TON! Enough to freeze and use a couple times later.
The only thing I would change it mine was a little chunky, so next time I will blend the ingredients longer to try and make it smoother. But Chunky or not, it was fabulous! It also has the option for sugar, which I didn't do, and it was still mmm mmm good! 
Give is a go! I promise you won't be disappointed! 

And lastly we ended the night with some serious foam rolling and deep tissue massage. Because who needs a spa when you have kids? 

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