June Challenge

I've decided to challenge myself and try blogging every single day for the month of June. I can promise you that not every post will be earth shattering (I mean, some will... Just not all of them 😜) but I'm hoping the outcome will be that I will be forced to get back into the blogging world on a more regular basis.

I never really know what approach to take on this thing. It's always been our family blog, but I touch bases on other things, too. I'm an active person so sometimes I like to share my fitness life with you. I enjoy cooking healthy, delicious meals (and LOVE cooking meals that are just delicious and not healthy on occasion) so sometimes I like to share recipes. Sometimes I find products that I've fallen in love with and feel like I have to share it with everyone I've ever spoken to in the history of my existence or the awesomeness will go unappreciated. Sometimes I share my poop stories with you. I'm Mormon, so sometimes I get spiritual. I'm opinionated so sometimes I get preachy. 

So you can count on this blog having a little of everything. An everything blog. It gets around. Especially since I now have to find something interesting to blog about every single day. 

So let's begin. 

First, a small recap of the weekend:
I was actually successful at applying false lashes! The planets aligned and they went on and stayed on
And I became obsessed. They really gave my eyes the butt-kicking power I've been looking for. My mom thinks they're stupid. 

Cory and I also got to go on a looooong overdue date night. We went and saw The Avengers and I got to have my most favorite salad afterward. This thing is the definition of a foodgasm. 
Bbq chicken salad from Habit Burger with ranch dressing. Perfection. 

Ok so today... 

We did the breakfast thing
And I talked myself out of purchasing this months adorable Fabletics outfit
Basically only because the top is cotton. Those pants though! I love my outfits from Fabletics by the way. It's definitely worth taking a look at if you're in the market. 

Then this little cutie woke up 

She is the best in the morning! 95% of the time when we open her door, we instantly hear the sound of her drop to her mattress, followed by squeals and giggles as she not-so-stealthily hurries and tries to "hide" in her crib from us, then she proceeds to pop up from behind her crib with a big ol smile and surprise us. Her smile isn't her usual monstrous one in this picture, but you can sense the excitement.

Then we did the gym thing. The AC doesn't seem to be working correctly in our building so it was literally a sweat shop in there today. I put my hands on my knees to try and stand up out of a squat and they slipped right off. I also didn't know my body was capable of smelling like that. It was brutal. This experience was immediately followed by a trip to the grocery store... as you might imagine, I became that person that others move to the other side of the aisle to avoid their stench. It was a little embarrassing but hey, we needed food. Food trumps all. 

I'm going to jump topics here and admit that I have a little bit of an online shopping problem. I don't say that in a snooty, first-world problems kind of way. "Oh my gosh, I so have a problem with buying too much stuff! Because I'm rich and so cool and everyone cares what I spend my money on!"  (By the way, we don't.) 

No, My problem is in how excited I get seeing the little brown boxes on my doorstep. Even the diaper delivery excites me! Tell me that isn't a problem?! I need a life! And I've infected K because she gets super pumped whenever there's a box on the front porch as well and insists on carrying it inside. Not so much the diaper box anymore, thank goodness. She tried that once. It didn't end well. Props to her for having big goals though. 

Today was a particularly exciting package that I had been waiting 1 whole week for! We have Amazon Prime so any package that takes longer than 2 days seems like a freaking eternity. Amazon has spoiled me. 
It came, it was opened... And it was the wrong size. *cue devastating music* 

I'll deal with that tomorrow. 

But the USPS package that came later did NOT disappoint
I've recently discovered a company called Flavor God. They make seasonings that are free of sugar, excess salt, msg, and preservatives. They're all natural, fresh, and paleo and whole 30 approved, if you're into that kind of thing. I have been so stinking excited to try these because their reviews on Instagram are fabulous. They also post tons of delicious recipes on their Instagram account. Check them out! I'll be sure and let you know what level they take my eggs to in the morning. And everything else I cook this week. 

Well, that's probably enough rambling for today. Tomorrow I'll try to make a post with a purpose, but I make no promises. 

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