Day 7

Today was a hard day for me. Sunday's usually are, even though Cory was back at church with me today. 

Church has always been a place of peace and love and with little kids, that feeling is all but gone; which leaves me feeling like it's not even worth it. It's not supposed to be this hard, right? 

But then I remember our lives won't be like this forever and we have to set a good example for our children and keep trying. Not everyone has the opportunity to attend church and I never want to take that for granted. But I do sometimes. 

To be honest I've felt like my spiritual reservoir is on empty lately. Life has been very stressful with everything we have going on and I've looked for relief in all the wrong places. I was reminded today that we all stumble on our path; repeatedly, even. Heavenly Father paid the price for those times in our lives when we've decided what's best for us. I realized today just how little I've turned to the Lord during this difficult time. While we aren't dealing with a major trial, getting ready to uproot our lives and move has been rough, and I need to remember that Heavenly Father cares about that just as much as He cares about even more serious issues. 

So I resolved to lean on Him. I'm handing my worries and stresses to Him and letting Him instruct me (and our family) in the path we are supposed to take. He started us on the journey, now we need a guide. As soon as I decided to do that, the worry and stress melted away. I know He has a great plan for us and that He will show us the way. 

That was basically my whole day. Being worried and a little depressed, and letting it all go and letting God take the wheel. Hopefully things will work out and one day I can look back on this and remember this experience. 

Also, I love this little girl more than words could ever adequately describe. 
We butted heads a lot today. Her stubbornness knows no bounds but her sweetness will change the world. 

Oh, and randomly, I took a picture of how my knee looks today. Enjoy. 
Back to mundane life tomorrow! 

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