Day 6

Today was Dirty Dash day!! Yay!! 

The Dirty Dash is a mud run that we've  participated in previously and have always had a good time. Today was no exception! I don't have any muddy pictures of us yet. We didn't take our phones, for obvious reasons. But as soon as they release the professional ones, I'll be sure and share some. 

Cory and I had a great time! That man makes everything 100 times better. He even convinced me to do the 10k portion instead of crapping out on the 5k exit like I wanted. I don't know what was with me today but I was so tired! 

We did the usual get-mud-in-places-there-should-never-be-mud obstacles and left with some battle wounds like abrasions on our elbows and knees. 
Do you like my sweet tats? Hahaha

Actually, I did sustain a pretty bad bruise on my knee. This is what it looks like after only a few hours. It's going to be nasty tomorrow. 
I got attacked by a giant submerged rock while trying to pounce on Cory. It hurt. I cussed. 

After showers and clean clothes we took my parents out for food to thank them for watching our girls. I couldn't decide between two entrees so I ordered them both. Don't judge me, I didn't finish both of them. But I'm so full Kennedy keeps telling me "Mommy, your stomach looks so big!" Thanks, baby girl. It was worth it! 

I feel like I've slacked on the blog this weekend. I will try and do better from here on out. I never remember to take pictures, so my goal is more photos! 

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