Day 5

Today I spent literally the entire day in the car. Between running errands and getting stuck in the awful traffic from the freeway being shut down for 2 hours, not much blog-worthy experiences were had. 

We did get to go out on another date. It was a little depressing though because we felt like fish out of water. Our kids were sleeping over at grandmas so we had the night to ourselves and since its been so long since that's happened, we didn't even know what to do. So we settled on another movie. 
The previews for this movie looked hilarious and we went against our better judgement and decided to see it regardless of the R rating... 

Never again. 

Although it was hilarious I was shocked the things they get away with in R movies now days. Big mistake. Time to repent. 

Day 6 will be much more fun. DIRTY DASH!! Whoop!!

See ya then. 

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