Day 30

I made it!!! I successfully completed my goal of blogging every day in June! This has definitely been an eye opening experience and has helped me make blogging a habit. So I'm not going anywhere. Maybe not every single day, but I'll keep blogging frequently. 

Today was another day full of errands, projects, work, and kids. Nothing exciting. Since it's past my designated bed time and tomorrow is my long run, I'm going to leave you with a quick thought. 

My biggest insecurity as a runner is my pace. I'm not fast. I'm definitely average. In general that's ok with me, but I feel like my accomplishments are diminished when someone asks what my pace is or what my PR is. 

"Yeah, I ran 14 miles last month but my pace was an 11 minute mile average so..." 

So...?? So what? 

I'm starting a new slogan: NO MORE "BUTS!" 

"Heck yeah, I ran 14 miles last month!" 

No buts about it, people. A mile is a mile, no matter the speed. An accomplishment is still an accomplishment no matter what anyone else does. I'm going to eliminate the "buts" out of my Life and be proud of what I have done and not feel ashamed because others have done it faster or better. I'm still achieving great things. 

15 miles tomorrow. And I'm going to do it PROUDLY. 

Peace out. 

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