Day 3

Guys!!! My prayers were heard and K slept in until 8:00 and B until 8:30. Boo yah!!!! And I haven't yelled yet, and I've only sworn once today, when someone parked insanely too close to the drivers side of my car and I couldn't get in without having to hit their car... 


The kids sleeping in was probably helped by us covering their windows with card board last night to block out the sun. I don't care if our house looks white-trash as long as we get to have more sleep. Everyone wins. 

There was one mishap last night. I awoke at 12:45 with some stomach issues and as I passed Kennedy's room I heard music blasting. I went in and her alarm clock was going off. I guess she fiddled with the buttons earlier in the day and set the alarm to go off at midnight. And worst of all, it was blasting Taylor Swift. However, Kennedy was fast asleep through it all. I don't know if that's a great thing or if we should be terrified for her teenage years. Either way, how could you not sleep through Taylor Swift?

But the day started out great. Everyone was well rested and happy. 

We hit up the gym again and today was another sweat-session. Brynlie's day turned a little more sour in the daycare. Things got a little rough in there and she took the brunt of it. 

But she's ok, and I decided to try and make up the morning to the girls by taking them to the splash pad! Long story short: we pulled up and saw it was crawling with about 300 kids (no joke) so we ended up swimming with Uncle Nate. The kids had a total blast and Kennedy played with Nate the whole time, which if you know her, is a HUGE DEAL. She hates men. But not Uncle Nate. Brace yourselves; she even talked to him and let him touch her. I know! My mouth kept dropping open in shock so many times I looked like a trout. 

Dinner was actually a success tonight, too. 
Pinterest redeemed itself. I tried a new healthier version of General Tso's chicken and it's awesome. Recipe can be found at this link:
I paired it with brown rice and a giant-A glass of milk (to help ease my reflux that's going to attack me after this dinner) and it was heavenly. I love me some Chinese food! But be warned, it makes epic garlic breath. 

Cory starts his days off tomorrow so I am really excited to have him home tonight knowing we don't have to go to bed at 9. Maybe we can stay up and watch this Oscar-worthy flick
Man eating beavers and randy teenagers. Can't go wrong. (Sarcasm) 

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