Day 27 - Birthday!

Our little Kennedy turned 4 today. Why does 4 sound so much older than 3? And how did she go from this:
To this??
4 does NOT equal 14. 

We already celebrated her birthday last week so she was slightly confused when I freaked out this morning about today being her special day. But it took her about 30.4 seconds to realize she could boss me around all she wanted. I gave her an inch, she took a mile. 

For breakfast she requested pancakes. 
We also watched How To Train Your Dragon while I was cooking so when I placed her pancakes in front of her she looked at them in disgust and said, "Um, how about dragon pancakes?" 

That didn't happen. 

I kept asking her what she wanted to do (within reason since I'm still sick) and all she would say was she wanted pancakes. But, she had one bite and then snarfed down all my raspberries and the pancakes are still sitting on the kitchen table, untouched, and it's 8:40 p.m.  Oh well, I tired. 

We also had a lunch date at Pace's. 
And Brynlie was there, too... 
Not giving a crap what anyone thinks. 

Cory had to work today. He tried to get it off but wasn't successful. 

Then K started whining that she missed her home and after a quick stop at the store we came home and just bummed around playing and watching Netflix. Our kind of party! 

Her new BFF, Twilight Sparkle. There's nothing like the magic of friendship. 
Kennedy is such a sweet, unique girl. She's still not into anything girlie except these random spells of liking My Little Pony, still prefers being outside getting dirty over anything else, loves camping, loves cars, is having a weird love affair with Curious George, and still hardly eats a thing. She still makes us laugh daily, is a sweetheart to her little sister, and has the most sensitive heart. She's talking more and more every day and will finally try and repeat things the correct way. She's making friends and opening up to family members. She is the sweetest, spunkiest, funniest, most adorable little thing on the planet; next to me. And her baby sis. 

Happy birthday, Little Missy! We love you! 

I usually try and get a run in on Saturdays but I really need to kick this cold (and whoever gave it to me), so I plan on being as lazy as possible this weekend. Also, I'm making a roast and mashed potatoes tomorrow, so there's that to look forward to. Mashed potatoes for the win!! 

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