Day 26

First of all, thank you for the outpouring of love and the kind words about yesterday's post. 98% of the comments were on Facebook, texts, or in person. I've felt like I really need to embrace my writing talent lately which is why I've tried to keep up on this blog, and I want to help anyone I can feel better about who they are on the inside. What good is a talent if you don't share it to enrich others, even if it's only a few? If you know anyone who you feel could benefit from what I wrote, please share it. I felt like the words coming out weren't really just from me, so hopefully I'm being used as a tool to help someone, somewhere. And I know that sounds super cocky, but that's not how I mean it. These things are awkward to get out. 

Okay, moving on...

Today Cory and I have been married for 7 years! Don't we look old and haggard? Haha
We've technically been "together" over 8 years, and have still yet to spend an entire day apart. So in honor of our special day, I wish to share with you 8 things you might not know about us. (Some of these are repeats from 2009, but deal with it) 

1. We are the exact same height. We will never know if our kids got their height from their mom or their dad. Super frustrating. 
2. We weighed the exact same when we got married. Super balanced.  
3. Sometimes we pull funny faces over the edge of the bed while the other person is praying to make them laugh. Super mature. 
4. We never cuddle in bed because Cory's body is made of fire and lava and instantly makes me boil anytime he touches me, and I don't mean that in a dirty way. Super sucks. 
5. I eat twice as much as Cory. Always have, always will. Super awesome. 
6. If it were possible, Cory would have had his Jeep as his best man at our wedding. Super serious. 
7. If it were possible, I would have married Chris Hemsworth at our wedding. Super joking.... Kind of. 
8. Most importantly, he's my better half. He always keeps me smiling, sacrifices so much for us, never has a selfish moment, loves his girls more than anything, puts up with so many mood swings, and tells me I'm beautiful and that he loves me every day. Aww... 

I don't want to know where I would be without him. Here's to many more years!  


Since Cory is gone for almost 15 hours on the days he works, I like to snap photos of the girls and show him what they did that day. Last night we were laughing about how Kennedy has figured out how to unlock Cory's phone and take pictures, which reminded me to show him some funny ones, such as this:
And this:
Cory giggled and then said, "Wanna know what I got tons of pictures of today?" Then shows me picture after picture of this:

Apparently doggy got a photo shoot! Some of the angles were pretty artistic. We had a really good laugh about it. That doggy goes everywhere with us, so why wouldn't we want to carry it around in our phones, too? 

Some other items of note today:

I've learned it's important to find out how long a new recipe takes to make way before dinner time, so that when it says an hour and a half, you can plan accordingly. 

I turned down a lady begging for money in the Smiths parking lot and told her I didn't have any cash, and I wasn't even lying. 

I managed to pass level 5 at my gym this morning regardless of this horrible head cold. I was pretty dang proud. I held a squat for 5 minutes, a plank for 3 minutes, did 40 push-ups in 35 seconds, 40 sit-ups in 45 seconds, 18 burpees in 30 something seconds (forgot the actual time) and ran the mile in 7:11. Not too shabby for feeling like crap and only getting 5 hours of sleep last night due to non-drowsy Sudafed. In 10 more weeks I will have to pass off level 6, which is longer squats and planks, and more of all the other things. Once I do that I'll be a graduate!! Yes!! 

I hope everyone has a super day! 

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