Day 24

I am EXHAUSTED!! I definitely overdid it today, so please enjoy these one-liners, because I don't feel like blogging. I really hope I feel better tomorrow! Waaahhhhh!!!! 

Stalking the carpet guys for a picture. 
We let the kids have the summer fun we used to enjoy as children, complete with bug bites and grass in the pool water. 
Such a little water baby. 
I love so much that Kennedy kept her hair dry so we didn't have to wash it twice in a 24 hour period. 
"Dinner" in the new playroom.
I think the wet bar looks fancy, minus our ghetto mini-fridge. 
Sisters who Jeep together, stay together. 
Starvation leads me to steal my child's food after she goes to bed. 
I am completely wiped. Off to bed!! 

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