Day 22

I've got to hand it to regular bloggers, this gig is tough. Especially when you have a day like today that was anything but exciting and there's not much to talk about. 

My day did start out really great. I was up at 5:00 to hit the trails with some friends. 
We had a great time and had some good laughs. Trail running is anything but dull, especially with lots of bikers on the trail. 

It was both these girls first time on a trail run and I think they're just as hooked as I am. How can you not feel like a boss  doing something so challenging? It definitely fans the flames of athletic drive. 

I got home just as the kids woke up and whipped up my favorite protein shake. 
I had plans to hit the gym as well but it didn't end up happening for various reasons. 

Did I mention our basement will be finished Wednesday?!?! The carpet will be installed and I'll just have to clean upstairs to get the house staged and then we can list it! I'm not ready to move or leave the house but so ready to close this chapter and not be so stressed out for a time. 

I was pretty nervous about moving and trying to find something older after living in a newer home. But yesterday we went and walked around a house that's vacant that we know will be up for sale soon and it got me really excited to go through the selecting process again. I know it'll be hard at times but we have the luxury of being picky this time and I want to try and find our forever home. Now, when you mention the months of fixing one up... Then I about hyperventilate. I'm not ready for a project like that just yet.  

The rest of my day was really boring. Cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping (I did get to do that alone for the first time in ages), and taking care of the little Hunters. Bonus though, both girls napped today at the same time. I think we wore them out this past weekend. I used the free time to take a nap myself. I've been exceptionally tired the last couple days and getting up at 5 didn't help that. 

Then we had dinner and a wild time playing with leftover birthday party balloons. 
Her smile and laugh... I just die. 
Kennedy must have really needed her nap because she was the sweetest little angel afterward. 

I have a pretty busy week coming up. It's one of those weeks that gives me a little anxiety knowing there's so much to get done and take care of. But it'll be good. 

I hope everyone had a good Monday! 

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