Day 21

Happy father's day!! 

I feel so blessed to get to celebrate 3 great men in my life. 

First up, my Daddy. 
This man is outstanding. He has always done what was necessary to provide for his family, has shown us unconditional love and support, has a rock solid testimony of the gospel, and has done all this while being legally blind and partially deaf. I can't think of a greater example to have in my life. He also makes a huge impression with his granddaughters. I sure love him! 

Second, the man who was stupid enough to marry me ;) 
I can't overstate how amazing he is. He is the perfect ying to my yang, the answer to my prayers, and so incredibly brave to agree to take me on as an enteral companion. But most importantly, he is such a great dad it takes my breath away. There's a reason our kids prefer him to me most days. There is nothing he wouldn't do for his girls and the love and patience he shows them and me is out of this world. I thank Heavenly Father for him every single day. He is perfection to me. 

And lastly, my father-in-law. 
He honestly terrified me the first time I met him because he talks so loud but the man is a giant teddy bear. Not only did he do a stand up job raising his own kids, but he's stepped up to help raise his grandkids as well. I get a small glimpse of heaven when I see him down on the floor laughing and playing with my girls. He is such a great grandpa and insanely thoughtful and I'm so glad Cory has taken on so many of his qualities. He's the first man Kennedy ever learned to trust besides Cory, so that's saying a lot. 

I'm so blessed to have such great priesthood examples in my life. My heart felt very full today. I hope everyone had a great time celebrating their dads, in all forms and in all walks of life or heaven. 

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