Day 20 - Birthday Party Picture Parade!

Although she doesn't turn 4 until next weekend, we celebrated Kennedy's birthday today because our entire family, on both sides, will be gone next week. In the words of Stephanie Tanner, "How rude!" 

How on earth is she four years old? She's even starting to look more mature! 
Well, sometimes. 
She even got to wear her birthday shirt today and insisted on pictures.  

As previously mentioned the girl was ecstatic about her party. Ever since Brynlie's, she hasn't stopped talking about hers. She opted for a Minion party, and we obliged. We held the party in Cory's sisters clubhouse which was amazing! 

First we got down to the most important part of any party, the food. We feasted on pizza and quickly put away 6 whole Little Caesars pizzas. 

Next was presents! 
Which Kennedy takes very seriously.  
I LOVE that she wants to share everything with me now. I feel like she's finally letting me in. 
This year we had everyone go in on one big gift. We really wanted a trampoline but since we're moving we decided it was time for Kennedy to really become a true member of our family and get her own Jeep, which she obviously hated. 
She still needs some driving lessons and we were terrible parents and let her take her friends out for a spin. Bro's before ho's. 

Next was cake! I had good intentions of making an adorable minion cake but just reading the tutorial wore me out. Then I was going to price out ordering one, then forgot, so we ended up with this beauty 
SO good, right? I mean, I don't mean to brag, but I should have entered it into some contests or something. 
The tall guy fell over which actually ended up looking hilarious with the expressions on their faces. And hey, I did dye the frosting. Cake-ninja status. And it tasted great. 
Kennedy even thought the candles tasted awesome! 
That should cause a digestion party. 

With all the birthday formalities out of the way it was time to hit the pool. 

It was pretty hot today so the water was perfect! 

And for some, the shade was just as nice. 
Perhaps too overstimulating? 
You know it was a good party when the babies and the older folks start dozing off for a nap. 

After showers we decided to grab some dinner and enjoy the nice evening outside. It's a good thing I'm not a big fat guy or this would be really difficult. 
In all honestly, getting out was a tad challenging. 
I see many trips to Moab with my little cuties cruising around in this at the campground. The Jeep life is a good life. 

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