Day 2

I've had one of those days that make you wonder if God is punishing you through your children. The kind where you ask yourself all day why you decided having kids was a good idea, and you worry that your yelling has reached a volume high enough to warrant a 911 call from the neighbors. Basically: it was a miracle we all lived until bedtime. And 7:30 p.m. took what felt about 14 days to arrive. Longest. Day. Ever. 

The day from hell started at the cheery hour of 6:30 when Kennedy awoke and started freaking out that her clock didn't say 7 yet; which meant she couldn't leave her room. But she wanted to leave, so she did anyway -- crying and whining about it. I remained patient and calm through her tantrum for about 30 seconds and then its all went downhill from there. 

After an earlier gym class, we headed to the zoo. Fun, right?! Well... If a grumpy 3 year old who was in the mood to argue, and wrestling a baby who didn't want to be in the stroller anymore sounds fun to you, then yep!

I knew we were doomed from the get go because this happened on the way there:
Waking a sleeping baby is like waking a sleeping bear. 

 Ok, ok, we did have fun moments. Turns out Kennedy started out in such a bad mood because she was hangry. I can't blame her for that. Some of my most epic "Hulk moments" could have been solved by a cookie. It's in her blood. After she ate just about every morsel I had packed for them (you know, an insane amount of food for "just in case" moments) she was happier and was jazzed to see the dinosaurs.
 And even agreed to a picture with me. 
Then felt energized enough for some flirting. 

Next we attempted to see the bird show, which ended up being a pretty intense workout trying to keep Brynlie contained. I literally left the theatre sweating. Oh and Kennedy's willingness to take a picture evaporated. 
And then returned again 
Both kids fell asleep in the car on the way home, much to my delight. But after moving them to their beds and sitting down in excitement to catch up on the Bachelorette, Kennedy emerged about 2 minutes later and Brynlie lasted about 30, so I missed most of the episode due to screaming and whining. I did see enough to know that if I ever need to induce vomiting, I'll just think of Clint. Barf. 

Dinner was an epic fail as well. I was all excited to make homemade turkey burgers, baked sweet potato fries, and broccoli. But the recipes were from Pinterest which isn't always a "two thumbs up" kind of resource, and both the burgers and the fries turned into something bad enough a stray cat wouldn't eat. So, in frustrated tears, I let these ladies handle dinner:
 Their cooking was stellar 
Although it kind of killed my perfect streak of healthy meals for the week, it's ok because I burned off a couple slices on a run with my friend after the kids went to bed. Plus I usually eat a whole pizza and I limited myself to 3 slices this time. The sacrifices we make, I tell ya. 

The run was MUCHLY needed and helped burn off a lot of the frustrations of the day. I came home ready to beg Heavenly Father to bless my kids to sleep in tomorrow and try again to have a more pleasant day. 

Fingers crossed! 

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