Day 19 - I Hate Odd Numbers

This morning I tackled my very first track workout. 
One of my goals for 2015 is to break my half marathon PR of 1:59:01. I'm hoping to hit that goal in September at the Big Cottonwood half (favorite race EVER!) so I still have some time, but a PR won't ever happen unless I start getting serious about speed work and learning to pump my legs a little faster. At first I was going to attempt some Yasso 800's, but that's a little too advanced for me right now - especially since I'm new to the whole track workout thing. So I ran a lap at a 7:04 min pace and had a cool down lap, and repeated for 2.5 miles. I wanted to keep going but we had a class at the gym to get to. 

Thoughts on my first track workout: 

1. They're tough!! Don't underestimate them! But I'm excited to incorporate some speed training and see how much progress I can make. 

2. They're tolerable with people. I ran with my friend Leticia and it helped the time go by. Plus Kennedy and her daughter had a blast playing together and cheering us on. 
They got really close, really fast. 
And Brynlie watched from the stroller while munching on snacks, as happy as could be. 

3. They kill your legs. That's the goal, I believe, but about an hour after we left the track I started feeling it. I'm really glad I get to take the next two days off and recover from that. Yeesh! 

This isn't a "running blog", but I feel like I've talked about it so much lately. That's probably because running has been on my mind by the bucket loads the last few months. I've been in training mode for all the races I've done, and training mode will continue for the events I have coming up. More on that in another post. So there will be more mentions of my runner life on here than usual. I hope that's ok. If not, read something else. ;) 

Following our sweat-session at the track, we stupidly went to the gym (Leticia and I met at the gym so we get to go everywhere together, isn't that cute?) and got our butts handed to us with a killer leg workout. Such a brutal morning definitely called for some pool time! We loaded the kids up and hit the pool for some relaxation. Well, we attempted relaxation. I learned that Brynlie will either grow up to be a successful suicide bomber or a wildly popular entertainer with her flirting skills. That child... I don't even have words for her. Sure love her though. 

We came home and crashed. Brynlie napped, Kennedy watched George, and I zonked out for a good 15 minute power nap. Then I organized my workout clothes
(Deep breath) ahhhhh does that just make you feel so good when your stuff is neat and organized?! Too bad it's the only drawer that looks this nice. 

I decided to be human tonight and order Chinese for dinner. I've cooked all week and have done ample dishes to prove it, I felt like tonight was time for a break. 
But I did channel my inner chef and tried making our own popcorn on the stove using coconut oil. The cooking process was a little violent, and I almost set myself on fire (we have a gas stove), but totally worth it for amazing popcorn with no butter or carcinogens. 
And then we had giggle-like-The-Joker-and-act-like-a-maniac hour 
Complete with a therapy session with The Piggies. 
And then Daddy came home and all hell broke loose.  
Tomorrow is Kennedy's birthday party. She's been talking about it for weeks, praying about it every single night and talking about her present with Heavenly Father. She might have Him and Santa confused. Same idea though; you ask for stuff and if you're good, he gives it to you. 

So be prepared for lots of pictures! 

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