Day 18

My biggest regret of the day yesterday was ending my blog with "I'll try and do something fun tomorrow." As soon as I typed that, you know what happened? 

Jinx. Jinx. Jinx. Jinx. Jinx. Jinx. Jinx. 

Today was not a fun day. Today was not a good day. Brynlie woke up too early and I spent at least half my day repeatedly picking up messes like this 
And this 
All I do anymore is follow her around and pick crap up! There's no way I'm going to keep this house clean when it's listed to show. The thought makes me hyperventilate. 

We also had a wild ride at Target today. We went to find clothes for our family pictures coming up and to get some last minutes birthday and Father's Day items. Shopping for clothes with two little kids is enough to make anyone murderous by itself, but then we came out to the car, in 90 degree heat, to this. 
The picture does not do justice to how close this person parked to me. I couldn't get in, I definitely couldn't get Brynlie in, I wasn't sure I could even back out, and I had ice cream in the cart. I'm pretty sure I turned into the Hulk for a few minutes. 

While standing there contemplating what to do, a woman walked past me, looking for keys in her purse and stopped at the suburban. After she found her keys and walked to the back door I asked her, rather harshly (prepared to pick a huge fight) "Is this your car?!" She stopped and noticed me standing there, baking to death with my kids, looked at her prize winning parking job and instantly got flustered. She panicked for a moment and then said, "Oh, no it isn't! I thought it was but I'm at the wrong car!" And then proceeded to walk away from the store, further down the parking lot where the population of cars was considerably less, and void of any other suburbans. I watched her go in disbelief, unsure if she was lying or not. Meanwhile, the girls were hot and tired, I was seeing red, and something had to be done. I snapped the photo and started hauling our stuff back inside to go have the store page the driver so we could leave. Luckily a couple of moms saw my predicament and offered to hold Brynlie and watch Kennedy and helped guide me out -with about an inch of clearance between the cars. We were free!! I was grateful for the helpful moms, but could not believe that woman who was off hiding somewhere in the parking lot, watching me struggle as her parking job caused a scene just so she wouldn't have to face that she did something stupid. It's a good thing people stepped up to help because I was fully prepared to take out the passenger side of her car with the push bar on the jeep. We don't care about it that much. Even if she didn't mean to park like that, at least apologize and offer to move the car ASAP, don't run away with your tail between your legs! Ok, rant over. It obviously made me angry. And luckily the ice cream survived but was in critical condition and will never look the same again. 

After coming home and getting Brynlie down for a nap I tried to unwind as much as you can while watching Curious George and being asked for chocolate milk 45 times a minute. 
For the record, I originally said no to Curious George for the day, and put the remote up high. And then this happened. 
I decided at this point it was best to pick my battles and let her do what she wanted. 

I'm such a good mom. 

Today also marked something pretty epic for me; I made lasagna for dinner.
I have never liked lasagna much until recently. I saw a recipe online for zucchini lasagna and vowed to try it someday after I get the right kind of slicer to make flat zucchini noodles (see, I don't even know what it's called!) but in the meantime, replaced the zucchini noddles with whole grain lasagna. I followed the same recipe for the meat sauce though and that was delicious and good for you! It was a huge hit and since only two of us actually eat real people food in this house, we have enough to cover dinner for the next week and a half if we wanted. I'll be sure and get that recipe up another day. 

Now it's time for a relaxing, quiet evening with Cory before I head to bed early tonight. I have a big day planned tomorrow and hopefully it'll be free of moments that make me want to punch everyone in the throat. I make no promises.  

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