Day 17

Now that the summer heat is in full swing it's definitely time to start wearing shorts more when I run or workout. But I have an issue with short running shorts and thigh rubbing. It's always been an issue, even when I was at my skinniest (which was too skinny in my opinion). I have two pairs of Under Armour shorts I can wear under them, but I've had them for 5 years and they're pretty much toast. Or will be soon. And I can't take a chance with a time bomb like ripping my pants while in a squat. Plus I would have to do laundry every 2 days and ain't nobody got time for that! 

One of my late night online shopping buys happened because I was looking for new pairs of spandex shorts to wear under the running shorts I already have. Those in themselves are hard to find. I feel like there's no happy medium between booty shorts that are practically ass-less chaps, and bike shorts that go down to my knees. Can't someone just make a freaking 5" inseam?! 

And then, someone did. I happened upon these beauties. 
First up, they're New Balance, which I discovered this year and has become one of my favorite brands. I LOVE their material and everything I have from them is so comfy I could sleep in it. Not kidding. Plus they're not super popular so their stuff is pretty cheap. 
I got two pairs of shorts for $40. That could buy you a pair of socks at Lululemon. Way too much money for see-through pants. 

Anyway, I digress... So these amazing shorts are running shorts with spandex "underpants" built right in. With, guess what? A 5" inseam!! 
I about screamed for joy when I saw these. Two shorts for one? Um, yes! The colors were really cute, too, in my opinion. So if you're looking for cheap, cute, and modest shorts this summer, check out the New Balance Momentum 2 in 1 shorts. 

And I'm clearly not a model, but I wanted to show you how they look on someone with my body type, not some photo-shopped, too skinny model. 

My morning started with a group text with mom and my brother. 

Followed by a really rough day at the gym. It was a shorter workout, designed for high-intensity in a little amount of time followed by a 15 minute run. Both girls had to poop today which shortened an already shorter workout for me, but that's ok. I definitely overdid it yesterday with all my house work because I was so tired today!! I just felt like my tank was on empty. Days like that are frustrating but it's comforting knowing they happen to everyone. And tomorrow is a new day! 

I also remembered to have "school time" today with Kennedy. She made so much progress last year and I want to help keep that going, so I bought some workbooks and flash cards and have been having school time every day. Or every day that I remember....
Also, you can basically guarantee that every picture in our house will have a mess behind it. Keeping a clean home is almost impossible these days. 

And this little one really showed her bi-polar colors today. 
She was either super happy or sent straight from the devil. No in between. 

The rest of the day was filled with work on the basement and dealing with ONTRAC who claims they couldn't deliver my package because my address didn't exist. Which is weird, especially since they delivered a package Monday without any issues. Hmm... 

Ok, ok, their costumer service was actually super awesome and it should be here tomorrow now that the driver has a map and turn by turn instructions to my house. 

I can't make any promises but tomorrow I will try and do something fun. 

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