Day 15!

First and foremost, my friend had her baby today!!! 
I won't mention any names for safety reasons but she is BEAUTIFUL and I cannot wait to go cuddle her and love on her. Congrats, you guys! So excited! 

Today was all work and a little play. I seriously feel like my insides are constantly in knots with how much stress we are dealing with. It doesn't seem like it would be a big deal, but trying to get all this house work done in 2 more weeks is insanely stressful. It needs to be done so I can stop feeling so strung out and we can start enjoying our summer. 

Today's project was re-laying our back patio. 
We didn't do it right the first time, apparently, and water coming out of the drain pipe made it collapse and it looked like garbage. So we pulled it all up and did it again the correct way, now that we know what that is. It looks much better. 
I'm also very impressed we were able to get that done in half a day. Our yard is starting to come together. We just need to tackle the sides... Ugh... 

Kennedy's project for the day was spending almost 30 minutes carefully drawing my mom
It's like looking in a mirror, right, Mom? She tried adding some more detail later on but things got out of hand and well... Let's just say if it's any indication of what my mom will really look like in 20 years, it's not pretty. 

After a morning of hard work, we took Hillary up on an offer to go swimming!! 

We all had so much fun and it was great to spend a little time relaxing and being together. And I took way too many pictures. Sue me. 

Kennedy was super fascinated with the bugs that were in the filter. She's weird. 

Swimming is my second favorite summer activity, after rock climbing.

We had a yummy dinner tonight of medium-rare steaks, roasted sweet potatoes, and a mountain of peas, because I love peas. And so do my girls. 
I've been asked on Instagram how I roast my potatoes so I will share that with you: 
Cut them into small pieces, coat lightly with coconut or avocado oil (or olive oil), and season with your favorite seasoning. I usually use (homemade) sugar-free season salt and/or Italian seasoning depending on how festive I feel. Sometimes we'll get real crazy and use actual season salt. 

Now hopefully I can get a shower and sit and watch the incredible thunder storms magically move around our subdivision and never hit us, like they always do. I'm telling ya, it needs to be studied. Quite an  anomalie.  

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Wendy said...

I think I look beautiful!! The arms coming out of the side of my head might explain why my shoulder hurts!