Day 14

Happy 2 weeks! Does this mean blogging has officially become a habit?

Before we get into the day I need to follow up on some questions...

You can find the recipe for homemade cream of chicken soup here. I wouldn't say it's "healthy", but it's better than the canned crap and at least you know what you're putting in your body. Also, some recipes just call for it and there's no getting around it. All things in moderation. 

I also make my own paleo mayo. It's super easy and tasty and you can find that recipe here. I have her cook book and everything I have tried from there so far is delicious. I saved some of Brynlie's baby food jars and washed them out so we have containers small enough to store home-made condiments each week. 
I know it doesn't seem like much but it's plenty for the week, which is only about as long as it lasts anyway. Give it a try and let me know what you think! 


Today was gorgeous so we decided a Sunday drive was in order. I mean, when you look this good, you need to get out
 We headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon to go walk around Silver Lake. Kennedy insisted that she bring her entire toy collection.

Annoying, but adorable. She got a lot of cute comments and giggles from older people. And I have to admit it was kind of fun walking around with her, both pushing strollers.

I can't get over what a gorgeous state we live in!! All this rain we've been getting has made everything so lush and green. I love it! I told Cory being in the mountains just makes me so happy. And I'm not the only one! 

Kennedy also looked so gorgeous today. I kept looking back at her and would gasp at how perfect she is.
Even when she's unhappy
Like, really unhappy
It's a good thing she's so cute because she's had the most awful attitude lately. Clearly.

We finished the drive by heading up Guardsman's Pass and down through Park City.

Some other big news happened today, Brynlie is finally trying to walk!! She's been so scared to try but we got her to take a few steps on her own a handful of times. She got so excited and was so proud of herself after all the attention she got that I'm hoping that means she will keep trying. Who doesn't love getting attention? 

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Amy said...

Thanks for the recipe! I love that it looks do-able and not complex. Must be something in the water, mine's had an attitude lately too.