Day 11

I actually slept until my alarm went off this morning. And hit snooze!! It was amazing! Thanks to the blazing sun at 6 am, I'm usually awake before 7. So I knew my day was off to a good start since I had to endure 45 minutes less of it. 

Kennedy came and cuddled in bed with me briefly and then we finally got up and made breakfast. We even had quite a lengthy jam session on the piano until Brynlie decided she'd had enough of the noise and just started screeching as loud as she could. I didn't know a 1 year old could express that kind of frustration but there was no question about how she felt. She's just like me. 

Kennedy twisted my arm and got me to snag my mom for a lunch date
I swear Costa Vida seasons their lettuce. I know it sounds crazy, but their salads have so much more favor than Cafe Rio! I don't get rice or beans and when I try that at Cafe Rio, its just blah. But a grilled chicken salad from Costa Vida is perfection. It tastes so good I don't even have to use much dressing. Everyone wins. It's kind of become our go-to lunch place because I get my beans on the side and Kennedy devours them. Plus that means I can feed her for free. Winning everywhere. 

After we got home from our afternoon errands I felt like the earths rotation came to a screeching halt and time literally stopped. I was so bored!! Which isn't good because then I ended up "just looking" at workout clothes on clearance and one thing led to another, and now I have to confess to Cory that yet again I cheated on my spending budget. It wasn't that bad. I really am a major bargain shopper, so it's not like I spent a lot. But I'm supposed to be reigning it in. 

For dinner I got my Martha Stewart on and made my own cream of chicken soup. 
It was surprisingly easy and fast,  and it tastes about a million times better than the canned stuffed and without all the added junk. It made me happy. See?
I saw this idea for hobo dinners on Pinterest and thought we would give it a try tonight
And it's a good thing I bought the cooking potatoes. That would have been embarrassing 
While labeling our dinners I had a major revelation. I've always known our girls names were inspired, but it never hit me as to why until I was writing their initials on their dinner 
I was a little emotional. My kids are now officially tied to my first love. It's one big circle of happiness. 

The dinner also turned out really yummy and there was no clean up. Seriously the winning happening today; I can't even handle it. I wish I could sleep in until 7 every day. Well, I loved the dinner. Others didn't, although I won't mention any names 
I've just stopped putting the vacuum away since I use it 7-15 times a day. Why even unplug it?

The night ended with a random, huge thunderstorm 
I think those are one of my favorite things about summer. 

Tomorrow I head down to Provo for an overnighter with my friend so my post will be early before we leave. Our hotel is in the same parking lot as the bus pickup. With a 4:00 am bus load, our choice is an epic win. 

"All I do is win, win, win no matter what!" 

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I'd love that cream of chicken recipe!