Day 30

I made it!!! I successfully completed my goal of blogging every day in June! This has definitely been an eye opening experience and has helped me make blogging a habit. So I'm not going anywhere. Maybe not every single day, but I'll keep blogging frequently. 

Today was another day full of errands, projects, work, and kids. Nothing exciting. Since it's past my designated bed time and tomorrow is my long run, I'm going to leave you with a quick thought. 

My biggest insecurity as a runner is my pace. I'm not fast. I'm definitely average. In general that's ok with me, but I feel like my accomplishments are diminished when someone asks what my pace is or what my PR is. 

"Yeah, I ran 14 miles last month but my pace was an 11 minute mile average so..." 

So...?? So what? 

I'm starting a new slogan: NO MORE "BUTS!" 

"Heck yeah, I ran 14 miles last month!" 

No buts about it, people. A mile is a mile, no matter the speed. An accomplishment is still an accomplishment no matter what anyone else does. I'm going to eliminate the "buts" out of my Life and be proud of what I have done and not feel ashamed because others have done it faster or better. I'm still achieving great things. 

15 miles tomorrow. And I'm going to do it PROUDLY. 

Peace out. 


Day 29 - It Gets Real

Last night I spent a good chunk of my night planning out every detail of my training for the month of July. I planned types of runs, days I go to the gym, and days I lift, even down to the muscle groups. I planned on tackling August and September but Cory made me stop and pay attention to him. I don't understand it. 
I was so pumped!! I felt like I needed to throw a kick-off celebration, but instead I just went to bed, excited to start the schedule. Yep, I'm a party animal. 

However, my morning did not go as planned. Cory and I awoke at 6 am and I instantly felt sick to my stomach and so drained of energy. I tried to do my easy 4 miles on the treadmill but a half mile in I just knew it wasn't happening. I started to beat myself up over it then remembered that I'm still sick, I hadn't eaten anything, and it was just one of those mornings. I went upstairs to rest and see if breakfast would help. It eventually did and after some caffeine I felt like I might be ready to try the gym. 

I pulled up and started getting the kids out of the car and there were some girls outside doing the running portion of the workout. They warned me not to go inside because the AC was "broken". 

"It can't be that bad," I thought to myself as I towed the kids inside. 

Um, it was that bad. 91 degrees that bad. 
Hands down one of the toughest workouts, mentally, that I've done in a long time. It was sweaty, miserable, nauseating, and I just wanted to stop. But I didn't. I think being too sick to run was a blessing because I don't think I could have ran and lived through that workout. Boy howdy it was nasty! I'm hoping everything is back to normal tomorrow. Our trainer was in too good of a mood for it to be believable that it really broke. I'm convinced he shut it off to teach us all a lesson in what heat really is, because everyone has been whining about the heat outside lately. I for one, never will again. He has instilled fear in me. 

I usually hit the grocery store after the gym on Mondays but I was in no condition to be out in public that slimy and smelly. So we headed home and helped Cory lay the gravel for our RV parking pad, in the heat. 
Kennedy ran and found her shovel and worked right beside us until the very end. She would stop and tell us she was tired and needed some water and would sip a good chunk out of our mugs, then get right back at it. She definitely inherited a good work ethic from both her parents. She loves to help! And usually, I appreciate every second of it. 
But I don't know where her love for taking pictures came from. 
But doesn't it look so nice?? I wish I had a before picture. It was nothing but weeds and spiders. 

Once it was all laid out, we were pretty spent. And by spent I mean bordering on heat stroke (it was over 100 degrees today) and having the shakes from being so hungry. After some quick showers we treated ourselves to some lunch. 

And lunch-dessert 
We also squeezed in our grocery shopping and then we were ready to retreat back to our air conditioned house. 

I went to bed crying last night because I've really felt like I'm failing as a parent lately. There's so much our kids don't know that they should. There's so many things they still have to learn. I got overwhelmed and felt like I've dropped the ball on teaching our children important things, particularly gospel related things. I felt like we grew so close as a family before we moved back home a year ago, and then things just kind of fell apart. We got busy, we never got time together because of always having to work on the basement, and our testimonies and gospel dedication suffered, as well as our relationships. 

It's a major priority of mine now to fix that. We fell into a rut and I need to get us out. So, tonight, I attempted to have a family home evening lesson with Kennedy. I have no idea how much she knows about Jesus, if anything. She won't tell me if I ask, she just starts saying her prayers. So we talked briefly about him, but I could tell she just wasn't getting it. I asked if she knew where Jesus lived and she told me at the church...

We have some work to do. 

I got on gospel library and found the movie Finding Faith in Christ. She saw clips of how Jesus was born, the miracles He preformed, and how He was crucified and resurrected. It was a little long for her, but she was glued to it for most of the movie and deeply saddened that He died. We discussed everything we saw until she looked at me bored and told me she had to "go away for a second." 

Afterward she started noticing Jesus around our house in paintings and sculptures and wanted to touch Him. I got a little emotional watching her discover Him and start the first seeds of growing a relationship with Him. For once I felt like I was doing something right. 

The language barrier in parenting her has been insanely difficult and there's so much that I still have zero idea if she knows or not. She won't sing me songs. She won't tell me the ABC's. Never has. She won't count past 5 for me. She won't tell me what happened at church, school, with friends, at Grandma's, etc. It kills me a little inside each time it happens, but I try to have faith that one day, she will. One day this will all be behind us. She is such a strong-willed child. But, regardless of whether she will recite anything back, it's still my job to teach her the things she needs to know. So I'm trying. And a relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus is so, so important. It's my new goal to have regular family home evening because we are the worst at it. 

Poor Brynlie didn't want to watch the movie and felt left out, so afterward, we had some puzzle time and chased each other and tickled each other and laughed. Oh man I love my kids! 
This week is the home stretch to get everything done on the house so we can list it next week. Only one more week of this torture, people! Yay!! I hope all these months of hard work and sacrifice pay off. I'm excited to get this plan in action and see where life takes us. 


Day 28 - The Full Monte

I've gone back and forth for a while now about whether or not I should talk about this online. There are definitely some competitive "haters" out there who I didn't want knowing about this and trying to take it away from me. But I ultimately concluded that they can only do that if I let them, and I'm not going to. So, I wish to share a story with you.

I am running a marathon. Well, I'm training for one so that I can run a marathon,

When I was in 9th grade, our English teacher took us to the computer lab and had us make a bucket list. I remember taking it seriously for the first 20 minutes of class, and then my ideas got more and more far fetched. But I remember, even back then before I really knew how far a marathon was, and keeping in mind that I HATED running, number 2 on my list was to run a marathon.

Since really developing a love for the sport in 2009, I always thought running a marathon would be incredible, but that I wasn't built for it. The half's I had participated in had left me drained and spent. There was no way I could run double the distance. NO WAY!

Then Brynlie happened and you all know by now that I truly believed I wouldn't be able to run again. That fear and helplessness lit something within me. I hated being told I couldn't do something, and I wasn't going to take no for an answer.

I've secretly taken great pride in my comeback from Brynlie. I had major physical issues to overcome. Most women who suffer from PSD don't have symptoms a few weeks after birth, but mine lingered. Building strength took an insane amount of dedication, perseverance, and a heck of a lot of pain. But I kept at it. I knew there had to be a way to make my body strong again.

Long story short, I did. I slowly regained strength in my hips and ligaments (sometimes I still have issues) and I started running again. Throughout all this therapy and training, my mental strength became rock solid. As I've mentioned before, instead of thinking I couldn't do things, I asked myself, "Why not?"

That mental drive really revved up after running the Salt Lake Half Marathon in April. I was TERRIFIED to run it. Not only because I was sick, but my last racing experience had been traumatic, and I couldn't take another awful experience.

As you know, it was amazing. I'm not a super fast runner, but I did my best and felt incredible. Instantly something within me burst into flames. I've felt unstoppable since.

Shortly after this race a friend of mine (the one I've been running with recently) talked me into a marathon. The idea scared the heck out of me, but the more I thought about it, the more it sounded appealing and not utterly awful. She and I registered for The Full Monte, or more formally known as the Huntsville Marathon in September. I had plenty of time to put the work in, I just needed to do it and keep my focus strong and healthy.

I've ran two half marathons since registering in April, so training for those has been the priority. But I'm done with races until September and I feel like marathon training has officially kicked off! We completed 14 miles almost a month ago now, which went really well. I was able to walk up my stairs afterward and wasn't even sore the next day! Talk about a morale boost! But in the coming months, the miles get longer and the training gets tougher. Sometimes I get scared and overwhelmed, but mostly I'm just excited and I get emotional thinking about crossing that finish line and crossing off a true bucket list item.

I've decided to blog about this journey. That is why I've talked about running so much lately. I've had so many people say to me, "I wish I was a runner." or "I wish I didn't hate it." I was once in your shoes. I used to loath running. I used to feel like it wasn't something I was capable of. But each step that I've taken over the years has always started with one thing: a change in mindset. So don't doubt yourself and prove that you are capable of anything!

I've had to adapt a personal training plan to incorporate all the runs I need and cross training at the gym. I feel like the gym is what has made me so much stronger this year. Sometimes I feel like I don't know what the heck I'm doing haha. But I don't have a time goal, just a finish goal, so I think I've read enough research, books, and training plans to know what will get me across that finish line.

26.2 freaking miles. Are you ready for this?

Am I?



Day 27 - Birthday!

Our little Kennedy turned 4 today. Why does 4 sound so much older than 3? And how did she go from this:
To this??
4 does NOT equal 14. 

We already celebrated her birthday last week so she was slightly confused when I freaked out this morning about today being her special day. But it took her about 30.4 seconds to realize she could boss me around all she wanted. I gave her an inch, she took a mile. 

For breakfast she requested pancakes. 
We also watched How To Train Your Dragon while I was cooking so when I placed her pancakes in front of her she looked at them in disgust and said, "Um, how about dragon pancakes?" 

That didn't happen. 

I kept asking her what she wanted to do (within reason since I'm still sick) and all she would say was she wanted pancakes. But, she had one bite and then snarfed down all my raspberries and the pancakes are still sitting on the kitchen table, untouched, and it's 8:40 p.m.  Oh well, I tired. 

We also had a lunch date at Pace's. 
And Brynlie was there, too... 
Not giving a crap what anyone thinks. 

Cory had to work today. He tried to get it off but wasn't successful. 

Then K started whining that she missed her home and after a quick stop at the store we came home and just bummed around playing and watching Netflix. Our kind of party! 

Her new BFF, Twilight Sparkle. There's nothing like the magic of friendship. 
Kennedy is such a sweet, unique girl. She's still not into anything girlie except these random spells of liking My Little Pony, still prefers being outside getting dirty over anything else, loves camping, loves cars, is having a weird love affair with Curious George, and still hardly eats a thing. She still makes us laugh daily, is a sweetheart to her little sister, and has the most sensitive heart. She's talking more and more every day and will finally try and repeat things the correct way. She's making friends and opening up to family members. She is the sweetest, spunkiest, funniest, most adorable little thing on the planet; next to me. And her baby sis. 

Happy birthday, Little Missy! We love you! 

I usually try and get a run in on Saturdays but I really need to kick this cold (and whoever gave it to me), so I plan on being as lazy as possible this weekend. Also, I'm making a roast and mashed potatoes tomorrow, so there's that to look forward to. Mashed potatoes for the win!! 


Day 26

First of all, thank you for the outpouring of love and the kind words about yesterday's post. 98% of the comments were on Facebook, texts, or in person. I've felt like I really need to embrace my writing talent lately which is why I've tried to keep up on this blog, and I want to help anyone I can feel better about who they are on the inside. What good is a talent if you don't share it to enrich others, even if it's only a few? If you know anyone who you feel could benefit from what I wrote, please share it. I felt like the words coming out weren't really just from me, so hopefully I'm being used as a tool to help someone, somewhere. And I know that sounds super cocky, but that's not how I mean it. These things are awkward to get out. 

Okay, moving on...

Today Cory and I have been married for 7 years! Don't we look old and haggard? Haha
We've technically been "together" over 8 years, and have still yet to spend an entire day apart. So in honor of our special day, I wish to share with you 8 things you might not know about us. (Some of these are repeats from 2009, but deal with it) 

1. We are the exact same height. We will never know if our kids got their height from their mom or their dad. Super frustrating. 
2. We weighed the exact same when we got married. Super balanced.  
3. Sometimes we pull funny faces over the edge of the bed while the other person is praying to make them laugh. Super mature. 
4. We never cuddle in bed because Cory's body is made of fire and lava and instantly makes me boil anytime he touches me, and I don't mean that in a dirty way. Super sucks. 
5. I eat twice as much as Cory. Always have, always will. Super awesome. 
6. If it were possible, Cory would have had his Jeep as his best man at our wedding. Super serious. 
7. If it were possible, I would have married Chris Hemsworth at our wedding. Super joking.... Kind of. 
8. Most importantly, he's my better half. He always keeps me smiling, sacrifices so much for us, never has a selfish moment, loves his girls more than anything, puts up with so many mood swings, and tells me I'm beautiful and that he loves me every day. Aww... 

I don't want to know where I would be without him. Here's to many more years!  


Since Cory is gone for almost 15 hours on the days he works, I like to snap photos of the girls and show him what they did that day. Last night we were laughing about how Kennedy has figured out how to unlock Cory's phone and take pictures, which reminded me to show him some funny ones, such as this:
And this:
Cory giggled and then said, "Wanna know what I got tons of pictures of today?" Then shows me picture after picture of this:

Apparently doggy got a photo shoot! Some of the angles were pretty artistic. We had a really good laugh about it. That doggy goes everywhere with us, so why wouldn't we want to carry it around in our phones, too? 

Some other items of note today:

I've learned it's important to find out how long a new recipe takes to make way before dinner time, so that when it says an hour and a half, you can plan accordingly. 

I turned down a lady begging for money in the Smiths parking lot and told her I didn't have any cash, and I wasn't even lying. 

I managed to pass level 5 at my gym this morning regardless of this horrible head cold. I was pretty dang proud. I held a squat for 5 minutes, a plank for 3 minutes, did 40 push-ups in 35 seconds, 40 sit-ups in 45 seconds, 18 burpees in 30 something seconds (forgot the actual time) and ran the mile in 7:11. Not too shabby for feeling like crap and only getting 5 hours of sleep last night due to non-drowsy Sudafed. In 10 more weeks I will have to pass off level 6, which is longer squats and planks, and more of all the other things. Once I do that I'll be a graduate!! Yes!! 

I hope everyone has a super day! 


Day 25

Good news! I feel a little better today! I guess a 9:30 bedtime really does a body good. Still not 100%, but getting there. 

I want to get a little real for a minute. Or maybe two minutes, depending on how fast you read. 

Apparently I am the type of person who gains a lot of weight being pregnant. It just happens. For both pregnancies I felt so ashamed because of the pressures of social media and the women who don't even gain an ounce. It took me forever to realize, they are not normal. They literally are not the norm. The norm, IS weight gain. It happens because pregnancy sucks. Bad. But no one shares their soft, post-baby bodies online. Only the small, perfect few do, which makes the rest of the world think it's normal. It's not.

Because of my normal pregnancies, I had some weight to lose after my girls. Round 1 I only had 20 extra pounds to lose but ended up losing 39 lbs total. This wasn't healthy, however. Yes, I was exercising and running a lot but I was on medications that weren't the correct dosages nor were they terribly safe for me. I saw a doctor because I wasn't able to lose any weight after K, and he diagnosed me with thyroid problems and threw a bunch of medication at me and I didn't question a thing about it. After seeing an endocrinologist I was able to get everything worked out. 

After B, I had double the weight to lose; 40 freaking pounds. I've never shared this photo with anyone, but this was taken 10 days after she was born. This is a real post-baby body.  
I wasn't obese or disgusting, but I definitely had my work cut out for me. That beautiful little girl in Cory's arms was worth every horrible second of pregnancy. 

Anywho, B recently turned 13 months, so I've been trying to lose the baby weight for a year now. I've lost 35 of the 40 pounds, and after 6 months of trying for the last 5, I have decided the extra weight is because of gained muscle. I am a lot stronger now than I ever was after Kennedy. With a lot of hard work, I've come back from the norm. 

Now, why on earth am I sharing this with you? I'm sharing it because I want a real story out there of what life after a baby is like and that getting back into shape is possible and takes time. I want the 90% of moms who did gain weight during pregnancy to feel like they're not alone, and it is ok, and it happens, and that with hard work and consistency, you too can get your body back. I want people to know it took months and months to get back into shape. It didn't happen overnight or even with a few weeks. So don't give up or feel like you're "doomed." I want people to know how different our bodies can be after each baby and how the changes are good things and opportunities to grow. And most of all, I want moms to toss the feelings of shame aside. I once knew a girl who made fun of her sister in law behind her back for "still looking pregnant" a couple weeks after giving birth. This was coming from a person who had never had a baby at the time. That kind of crap is not ok. 

Embrace the post-baby body. It means you were selfless. It means you grew an entire human. It means that for a short time, you might look different, but you get to experience joy and love like you've never encountered, for a lifetime (and beyond) being a mother to the human you grew. It means you're a fighter, because pregnancy ain't easy my friends! It takes tough women to do that crap. 

Please, please, please don't let the Internet or rude, insecure people make you feel less than you are because you aren't a size 2. Who the heck cares?! If having the perfect body is a requirement to be friends with someone, then walk away! A girl can be physically gorgeous and as fit as can be, but if she's insecure and mean to others, she's not a beautiful person. You were not put on this earth to have a six-pack or a thigh gap. Nor is your self-worth based on how many other girls envy you. 

So to all you mothers out there (or anyone for that matter) who are feeling down and being hard on yourself, lift your head up high. You participated in the noblest calling on this earth; motherhood. Pregnancy is a battle, and each battle leaves its marks. But that doesn't mean you can't come back from them. It doesn't mean you'll never be in shape again. And a change on the outside certainly doesn't change who you are on the inside. That's what people notice most. I've never become friends with someone because they had a 6-pack. I became friends with others because they're caring and fun, and beautiful on the inside.

Oh, and one more thing: this is NOT healthy:
Nor is it really achievable without genetics or anorexia. 

Ok, I'd probably better stop myself right there because I could talk about this all day. Just be nice to yourself, mmmkay? 


Day 24

I am EXHAUSTED!! I definitely overdid it today, so please enjoy these one-liners, because I don't feel like blogging. I really hope I feel better tomorrow! Waaahhhhh!!!! 

Stalking the carpet guys for a picture. 
We let the kids have the summer fun we used to enjoy as children, complete with bug bites and grass in the pool water. 
Such a little water baby. 
I love so much that Kennedy kept her hair dry so we didn't have to wash it twice in a 24 hour period. 
"Dinner" in the new playroom.
I think the wet bar looks fancy, minus our ghetto mini-fridge. 
Sisters who Jeep together, stay together. 
Starvation leads me to steal my child's food after she goes to bed. 
I am completely wiped. Off to bed!! 


Day 23

I woke up with zero energy today. We've all been battling this weird cold the last few days. There's not much congestion, it's just a super dry, itchy throat that sparks bad coughing fits and that weird pain in the back of your throat/nose. Other than feeling tired I haven't felt "sick". So I'm hoping it passes because I need my energy for this weekend. 

But, not feeling 100% meant tackling today's workout was super rough. Lots and lots of weighted lunges, dead lifts, squats, and butt-ripping exercises. But I made it through! Hopefully being forced to "rest" tomorrow due to carpet installation will help me feel better for the rest of the week. 

I came home and showered and then Cory and I took Kennedy to go see 'Inside Out.' 
Though we love Brynlie, it was fun to have some time with just K. The movie itself was outstanding. Huge round of applause for Disney and Pixar on this one. Kennedy enjoyed it and we laughed and cried. 

After the movie, we put together some paper bag hand puppets, courteously of Chick-Fil-A 
Kennedy really enjoyed them for about 30 minutes. 
Then B got ahold of them and there were no survivors. 

My heart wants to write some amazing story or about a really cool topic but my brain just doesn't want to play. Do you ever get in a funk where you almost feel depressed? I'm in one of those. I'm sure it's stress induced because all I want to do is eat and sit or organize something so I feel like I'm in control. So I'm going to drown my sorrows in The Office re-runs and hit the sack early in hopes that tomorrow will be more inspiring. 


Day 22

I've got to hand it to regular bloggers, this gig is tough. Especially when you have a day like today that was anything but exciting and there's not much to talk about. 

My day did start out really great. I was up at 5:00 to hit the trails with some friends. 
We had a great time and had some good laughs. Trail running is anything but dull, especially with lots of bikers on the trail. 

It was both these girls first time on a trail run and I think they're just as hooked as I am. How can you not feel like a boss  doing something so challenging? It definitely fans the flames of athletic drive. 

I got home just as the kids woke up and whipped up my favorite protein shake. 
I had plans to hit the gym as well but it didn't end up happening for various reasons. 

Did I mention our basement will be finished Wednesday?!?! The carpet will be installed and I'll just have to clean upstairs to get the house staged and then we can list it! I'm not ready to move or leave the house but so ready to close this chapter and not be so stressed out for a time. 

I was pretty nervous about moving and trying to find something older after living in a newer home. But yesterday we went and walked around a house that's vacant that we know will be up for sale soon and it got me really excited to go through the selecting process again. I know it'll be hard at times but we have the luxury of being picky this time and I want to try and find our forever home. Now, when you mention the months of fixing one up... Then I about hyperventilate. I'm not ready for a project like that just yet.  

The rest of my day was really boring. Cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping (I did get to do that alone for the first time in ages), and taking care of the little Hunters. Bonus though, both girls napped today at the same time. I think we wore them out this past weekend. I used the free time to take a nap myself. I've been exceptionally tired the last couple days and getting up at 5 didn't help that. 

Then we had dinner and a wild time playing with leftover birthday party balloons. 
Her smile and laugh... I just die. 
Kennedy must have really needed her nap because she was the sweetest little angel afterward. 

I have a pretty busy week coming up. It's one of those weeks that gives me a little anxiety knowing there's so much to get done and take care of. But it'll be good. 

I hope everyone had a good Monday! 


Day 21

Happy father's day!! 

I feel so blessed to get to celebrate 3 great men in my life. 

First up, my Daddy. 
This man is outstanding. He has always done what was necessary to provide for his family, has shown us unconditional love and support, has a rock solid testimony of the gospel, and has done all this while being legally blind and partially deaf. I can't think of a greater example to have in my life. He also makes a huge impression with his granddaughters. I sure love him! 

Second, the man who was stupid enough to marry me ;) 
I can't overstate how amazing he is. He is the perfect ying to my yang, the answer to my prayers, and so incredibly brave to agree to take me on as an enteral companion. But most importantly, he is such a great dad it takes my breath away. There's a reason our kids prefer him to me most days. There is nothing he wouldn't do for his girls and the love and patience he shows them and me is out of this world. I thank Heavenly Father for him every single day. He is perfection to me. 

And lastly, my father-in-law. 
He honestly terrified me the first time I met him because he talks so loud but the man is a giant teddy bear. Not only did he do a stand up job raising his own kids, but he's stepped up to help raise his grandkids as well. I get a small glimpse of heaven when I see him down on the floor laughing and playing with my girls. He is such a great grandpa and insanely thoughtful and I'm so glad Cory has taken on so many of his qualities. He's the first man Kennedy ever learned to trust besides Cory, so that's saying a lot. 

I'm so blessed to have such great priesthood examples in my life. My heart felt very full today. I hope everyone had a great time celebrating their dads, in all forms and in all walks of life or heaven. 


Day 20 - Birthday Party Picture Parade!

Although she doesn't turn 4 until next weekend, we celebrated Kennedy's birthday today because our entire family, on both sides, will be gone next week. In the words of Stephanie Tanner, "How rude!" 

How on earth is she four years old? She's even starting to look more mature! 
Well, sometimes. 
She even got to wear her birthday shirt today and insisted on pictures.  

As previously mentioned the girl was ecstatic about her party. Ever since Brynlie's, she hasn't stopped talking about hers. She opted for a Minion party, and we obliged. We held the party in Cory's sisters clubhouse which was amazing! 

First we got down to the most important part of any party, the food. We feasted on pizza and quickly put away 6 whole Little Caesars pizzas. 

Next was presents! 
Which Kennedy takes very seriously.  
I LOVE that she wants to share everything with me now. I feel like she's finally letting me in. 
This year we had everyone go in on one big gift. We really wanted a trampoline but since we're moving we decided it was time for Kennedy to really become a true member of our family and get her own Jeep, which she obviously hated. 
She still needs some driving lessons and we were terrible parents and let her take her friends out for a spin. Bro's before ho's. 

Next was cake! I had good intentions of making an adorable minion cake but just reading the tutorial wore me out. Then I was going to price out ordering one, then forgot, so we ended up with this beauty 
SO good, right? I mean, I don't mean to brag, but I should have entered it into some contests or something. 
The tall guy fell over which actually ended up looking hilarious with the expressions on their faces. And hey, I did dye the frosting. Cake-ninja status. And it tasted great. 
Kennedy even thought the candles tasted awesome! 
That should cause a digestion party. 

With all the birthday formalities out of the way it was time to hit the pool. 

It was pretty hot today so the water was perfect! 

And for some, the shade was just as nice. 
Perhaps too overstimulating? 
You know it was a good party when the babies and the older folks start dozing off for a nap. 

After showers we decided to grab some dinner and enjoy the nice evening outside. It's a good thing I'm not a big fat guy or this would be really difficult. 
In all honestly, getting out was a tad challenging. 
I see many trips to Moab with my little cuties cruising around in this at the campground. The Jeep life is a good life.