Random Acts of Camera Roll; Part 3

Black beans are a hit amongst my children. I know I didn't crave all that Mexican food while pregnant for nothin'! 
The messes afterward are not so cute. And if you've ever changed a black bean diaper, you know what I mean. 

We caught another illness and in the process finally switched to a new pediatrician. It was long overdue and so far we love her. 

Brynlie has been standing and walking with objects that roll. She took 1 step, once. But no activity has been spotted since. 

There was that one time Kennedy bit Brynlie... 

After much pressure from me, Cory finally consented to get Kennedy a climbing harness. She and I CANNOT wait to go!!! 

Kennedy made me a temple! I was so proud of her! Brynlie however, was useless... 

We've been giving thumbs (and toes) up for all this rain. Our state really needs it. 

We have our lazy days like any normal family 
And the days the kids are so cute I think they might melt my face off

Kennedy has been a little anti-social lately and I finally got her to tell me it's because she's afraid to talk to other kids because she says she can't talk well. I cried a lot, it broke my heart, and we've been praying about how to help her, because a 3 year old should never have self-esteem issues. However, one day after preschool her teacher showed me the number books they made and said Kennedy wrote all the numbers by herself except for a little help with 2 and 5. They are AMAZING! I was so proud! And so was she, because she carried the book around everywhere and showed our family. It was a win we really needed. 

We've been out enjoying the weather a bit. 
And I've been enjoying watching these two love on each other. 

And we even made it to a Bee's game and I didn't watch a single minute of baseball. We walked around, rolled down the hill, rode the train, played in the bounce house... You know, the usual things you do at a baseball game. We had a great time though until the rain came and we bailed early. Also, Bill Engvall was at the same game. I flipped a lid that I didn't see him!! 
Brynlie pointing at everything was super cute 
Not cute you say? Let's try another 
Ok, ok, her face is cuter. 
So is this one 
And more pics of crap we did 

Here comes the rain... 

And last but not least, Kennedy and I got a date together today. Hillary took Brynlie for a few hours and Kennedy and I went shopping and out for pizza. It was so nice to spend some alone time together. Maybe too nice because she's been out of her bed 3 times now asking for me... The girl is a little clingy for a first date. 

Until next time, camera roll! 

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