Ogden Half Marathon

Oh boy. What a race! 

First of all, I don't have any pictures of myself at this race. It was raining way too hard for me to dare to pull out my phone and take a photo. I was also freezing. I just thought, "Eh, I'll just buy the best professional photo and call it good." Um... No. They're $25 a piece! What a freaking rip off!! So just picture a runner as drenched as possible and that'll be it. Ok, moving on...

I have always had interest in this race. I signed up 2 years ago and ended up dropping out due to illness and being undertrained. Instead I went that year and watched my friends husband run his first half in the pouring rain. I think that was an omen for things to come. 

I was so jazzed about how well Salt Lake went while being sick that I was super hopeful this race would be even better. But the weather had other plans. From the moment the gun went off until the finish it poured!!! It never stopped. And when we came out of the canyon the wind was blowing which was even more fun... Not! I kind of felt hard core at first -- running a half marathon in the pouring rain. But after about mile 8, the cold set in, my body froze up, and I gave up trying to do well and just focused on finishing without getting hypothermia. I was DRENCHED!!! My legs locked up, my hips gave me trouble, and I just wanted to be done and dry. 

But, the positives of the race:

I got to carpool with some friends from the gym. We left at 3 am (setting my alarm for 2:50 in the morning is not something I ever want to do again) and had a total blast hanging out together and laughing at stupid things because we were so tired. 

Everyone was so positive and excited to be running. 

There was a gorgeous rainbow before the start that I didn't get a picture of. 

The volunteers were AMAZING! Not only were they out in the rain but their energy and time dedicated to making the race a positive experience blew me away. They were so fun! Each aid station was a party. No joke. And our bibs had our names on them so I had many volunteers call me by name and tell me "great job!" Or other encouraging words. Loved it! 

It really was an incredibly beautiful course. We ran around the western side of Pineview reservoir and down Ogden Canyon and through the streets of Ogden. So, so gorgeous!! It was raining so hard there were waterfalls coming off the rocks and it was so green. It felt like a fantasy movie. 

The medals are freaking rad. I always love me a good race medal. 

Although I didn't do as well as I had planned, I still had a great experience. And I didn't let it get me down. Not every race can go well and sometimes life just throws you a curve ball; like a monsoon. The second I stopped running though I instantly started shivering uncontrollably. I was barely able to walk to my moms car, my body was spasming so hard. I kind of zombie-crawled into her car and immediately started stripping my saturated clothes off to get warm. I'm pretty sure a couple people saw things they didn't plan on. All part of the race experience, right? Haha 

This is a race I would like to do again and again. Hopefully next time the weather won't be so mean. But if it is, I have learned to buy an actual poncho instead of a garbage bag and to not ditch it halfway through the race, no matter how hot I feel in it. 

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