I Would Die For You

Sunday was a hard day for me. 

Church with little kids kind of sucks. Church at 1:00 with little kids really sucks. Church at 1:00 with little kids with sacrament meeting last is ridiculous. But church at 1:00 with little kids with sacrament last by myself is hell. 

Yeah, yeah, lots of women do it with even more kids and survive. I'm high-strung and impatient so back off. :) 

Anywho, I wasn't in the best of moods after church when we went up to my moms house for dinner. My kids were driving me crazy and my patience was nonexistent. 

While loading the kids in the car to go visit my dad at the rehab center (he had his knee replaced this past week) I was just barely keeping it together. 

I went to the opposite side of the car to buckle Kennedy in. As I was doing so she said, "Mommy, I don't want anyone to hurt you!" I looked at her and she had a look of deep concern on her face. I told her no one was going to hurt me. When I leaned over her to buckle the seatbelt, she grabbed me and hugged me around my neck and said, "I would die for you!" 

I choked back tears at the raw sweetness of this little girls love. She has the biggest heart. Most people don't get to see it because she is so painfully shy. But her love knows no bounds. 

I assume she learned about Jesus dying for us in primary and was coming up with her own interpretation in her head. That night while tucking her in we talked about the atonement and that Jesus died for us so we could all live together in heaven when we die. When I said "die" she got upset and I decided to drop the subject for now. 

Some days being a mom is ridiculously hard and then I get moments like that... 

I didn't want to forget it so I wrote it down. I'm so grateful I get to keep these little cuties forever. 

Oh, and by the time I got in the drivers seat to leave, she was telling me:

"Did you know daddy has hit me before?" (He hasn't and never would) 

I hope she's saying the sweet things at preschool and not the fib that Cory Has a domestic violence problem haha. 

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