First Year Of Preschool

Kennedy's first year of preschool is in the books! 

Today she had a program at each school where they sang songs and got scrapbooks from the year. She did great at her first performance. She didn't sing, which didn't at all surprise me, but she did the actions to the songs. 
This one is hard to explain...
Let it be known I got a little emotional at both programs just because she has come so far. I am so proud of her. And as a fellow educator, I know how much teachers fall in love with their kids and how hard the end of the year can be. Kennedy is really sad school is out.

At the second program she literally did nothing. Her face didn't even change expressions. But she looked pretty anyway. And there were cookies at the end. 

There is very little I've been able to get her to tell me about school. She never sings for me, I've never heard her sing the ABC's, and she won't sit and tell me what she learned. But it comes out throughout the day. She's said things I didn't teach her. She's learned manners and how to handle other kids and follow instructions. She counts, writes, and recognizes and writes her own name. I know there is a sea of things she's retained, we just have to be patient as it leaks out. Her speech journey has been incredibly difficult and frustrating but at the same time, a huge blessing in other ways. We love her so much!!! 

Way to go, Kennedy! 
(This is a side by side comparison of her first day of school and her last)

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