Brynlies First Birthday!

Let's get all the clichè's out of the way first thing: 

"Oh my gosh,where did the time go?"

"I can't believe she's one!"

"She's growing up so fast!"

"I want my baby to stop growing!" 

Actually the last one isn't entirely true. While I like some things about babies, I get super excited and relieved once our kids make it to their first birthday. The hardest part is over (until the teenage years, anyway) and they just keep getting more fun and more awesome each day. 

I felt a little guilty not throwing some huge, themed party like the internet tells me I'm supposed to... 

Just kidding, I didn't. We definitely learned our lesson from Kennedy's first birthday fiasco. While it was fun for everyone else, Kennedy didn't care and I did nothing but run around like a crazy person and clean up after everyone. It sucked. 

So this time I kept it simple and work-free. We went to the dollar store and picked up a few party supplies like cups and plates, some balloons (Kennedy picked out the American one, what can I say? She's patriotic) 
And a banner, just in case anyone forgot why they were at our house 
We invited our families over for a small party. First she opened presents 

And the girl made a haul with new clothes. Yes!!! 

Next was cake. Isn't this the cutest little smash cake ever? Ignore the fact that it's clearly for a boy. I didn't want to wait for a girly one and B doesn't care. I especially love the fact I didn't have to bake a thing. 
And she handled her cake like a boss. 
At first she was a little confused and just kept playing in it, until Cory fed her some. Then the girl couldn't eat it fast enough. She probably ate at least half of it. 
She is one adorable little girl. She has the most perfect face and a smile that instantly kills any bad mood. She's so social and loves talking to and playing with other people. Her laugh KILLS ME each time because it's so funny!! She was worth every hard second of her journey into this life and has been such a perfect addition to our family. We love our baby girl!!