Adam's Canyon

I've been hiking since I could walk. I've always loved it and I want my kids to love it. 

But I have never in my 30 years of life owned a pair of hiking shoes. Ever. 

While we were hiking in Moab, Cory kept saying we needed to get me a pair. Um... Hello?! It's not every day a husband recommends the wife go shoe shopping! So literally the day we got home, I started shopping online for a great pair of hiking boots. 

Long story short, I found some. And I freaking love them. And I feel like now that I've got the appropriate attire, I need to do an insane amount of hiking. 

Today was gorgeous and I didn't want to waste a Saturday sitting in the house with stir crazy kids. I asked my mom if she wanted to venture on a hike with us (Cory was working on finishing the basement) and we decided to check out Adam's Canyon, a popular trail in the area that we had never tried. 

I thought we had done our research on the trail before setting off. Yeah it was a climb, blah blah blah, but we could do it. We would just go slow...

I started to get nervous when everyone passing us within the first two minutes kept making comments about having the kids with me. And while I wouldn't say the hike is horrible for kids, it's definitely not one you take a 3 year old on who insists on walking herself. It's STEEP. And it's long and rocky. But it's also gorgeous and we enjoyed it. 

We didn't make it to the waterfall at the end, so we will have to go back someday with Cory when we can either leave the kids behind or he can carry Kennedy. We took various pictures along the trail which I will share in a moment (I'm too lazy to explain each one so you get a random assortment) but it was so nice to get out and enjoy nature and keep active. Kennedy is deeply programmed to be outside, getting dirty and climbing on things. She insisted on scaling every rock she was able to physically touch and doing the whole hike herself. Well, there was a tired moment at the end where I had to carry her but overall she did really well. Today got me really excited for summer and more fun memories to be made. 

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