A Visit From The Brudder

For the first half of spring break, my brother and his family came to visit from Wyoming. We had 3.5 days jam-packed with fun and activities.

They got into town Saturday and we started off by visiting Owen's grave.
 Just my brother was able to come out for his services so the kids hadn't seen his grave yet. We put pinwheels and Easter eggs on his tiny grave.
Sunday we all went to church together. Cory had to work the entire time they were visiting which SUCKED. But he had the second half of the week off for Moab. So you won't see him in any of these pictures. Anyway, after church we went to Temple Square and walked around visitors centers.
My girls and I

Someone was super happy that day
It was an incredibly gorgeous day! My mom kept insisting on grand-kid pictures and we kept insisting it wouldn't work.
You can decide who was accurate on that one...

After Temple Square we went out to South Jordan to see our cousins new house and have a BBQ. We had great company and lots of food. We also put together an egg hunt for the kiddies which was fun! I didn't take any pictures because I was trying to stay off my phone. I'm bummed I missed it.

Monday we all headed to BOONDOCKS! I was so excited to go! I've only been there once before with Cory's family before I even got pregnant with Kennedy so it had been a while. Again, the picture taking was horrible!! But we rode the bumper boats, the go-carts (Kennedy was able to go on that with me and it was awesome) played in the batting cages, let the kids play in kiddie land, messed around in the arcade, and bowled! We had a fun-filled day and we were all exhausted by the end.
Waiting for the bumper boats

Kennedy bowled a 132, She beat all the adults as well and she didn't even care to watch the ball knock over the pins, she just pushed it down the track and walked away. Future prodigy? 

Bradlee is so good with the babies.

Tuesday we went up to Station Park and had lunch, did some shopping, got some frozen yogurt and enjoyed the warm weather. Afterward, my mom made us a big family dinner before Tyler and his family left and we headed to Moab the next day.

It was great to spend time with the family! It makes me sad so say goodbye because I don't know when we will get to see them again. But hopefully it won't be too long.

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