10 Months Old

Our little B turned double digit months last month. I keep forgetting to keep track of these milestones so I'm going to attempt to catch up. 
Brynlie has 2 gears: super-duper happy and adorable, or a gigantic pain in the butt. Her tantrums are pretty epic for a baby and she has a scream that could curdle milk. But thankfully we get to enjoy her adorable moments as well. 

She's a super fast crawler and pulls herself up to stuff and walks a little bit along furniture. A few times she's let go of something and stood on her own but she hasn't realized she's done it. She will walk with help but isn't super pumped to try it yet. 

She's an eating machine. We still haven't gotten used to it because K rarely ate anything, and still doesn't. In fact Brynlie prefers real foods over formula and getting her to drink it has been a little difficult lately. We've tried a little bit of milk but she hated how cold it was. We will work on it. 

She has 2 teeth and we think more are on the way -- at least I'm hoping that's why she's been so hard the last couple days. 

Loves to untie my shoes. She's impressively fast at it, too. Drives me nuts.

She's a daddy's girl and loves her sister most of the time. K has a bad habit of hugging her too tight or smothering her and lately B has been fighting back or grunting in frustration. It's pretty funny. 

We recently put her in a convertible car seat so I don't have to haul the infant seat around anymore. But she still hates riding in the car. Like, HATES it. 

She's in 9-12 month size clothes, but mostly 12 month for comfort. 

Size 3 diapers. 

Not the best napper, but not awful either, and she sleeps really well at night still. 

She has so much personality. She's way social and has only disliked one person her entire life. She's generally pretty easy going unless she's sick or teething. Her laugh melts our hearts instantly and I couldn't imagine our lives without her. I'm exciting to see more of her personality shine through as she gets older and starts talking and walking. 

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