A Pretty Insane Week

We have had quite the week. 

It's been filled with lots of fun and also a lot of tragedy. But let's just focus on the fun stuff for now... I'm sure the rest will come out in time. 


I got K dressed and she kept telling me she looked pretty today. She sure did! 

Camping season is upon us so I bought the girls matching hats to keep their fair little faces from frying off in the sun. Brynlie wasn't diggin it until she turned it thug style. 

Utah Lake 

My parents planned a Saturday drive to Utah Lake and we politely crashed their party and invited ourselves along. I had actually never been to the lake and I've lived in Utah my whole life. The water was pretty disgusting. But K had a great time throwing sticks and rocks in the water:
and trying to fly...
While B and I hung out and improvised keeping her feet warm because I forgot socks for her 
It was a nice way to spend a Saturday. 


My girls are playing together more and more and I love every minute of it! Here's some of my favorite moments. 

Sharing Goldfish 
And showing loves 

And then I obviously said something B thought was hilarious. 


Grandma Hunter took all us girls out for pedicures! I had never had one, and since she's only 3, neither had kennedy. We LOVED it! K especially. 

She immediately picked out a bright blue color to have painted on her toenails. Then the lady painted little flowers for her. She was so proud!! 
That's not a great pictures but she wouldn't hold still. 
I initially told Cory I was addicted and I would be going a lot. But then my eczema broke out INSANELY bad on my legs from the lotion they used when they massaged them... Now I'm undecided. 

Museum of Natural Curiosity 

Went went to Thanksgiving Point with good friends of ours to see the museum. We've never gone because it's so expensive! But now I understand why. We were there 4 solid hours and still didn't do everything. It was amazing. 

It didn't start out too well though...

While I was unloading the kiddies from the car, Kennedy injured herself. I had gotten the double stroller out and watched K start getting into it as I leaned into the car to get Brynlie out of the car. Within seconds I heard Kennedy screaming. I poked my head out to look and saw the stroller flipped completely upside down and Kennedy was on her face underneath it. Somehow she had dumped herself and her face caught the brunt of the fall. She was bleeding everywhere and really upset. 
This photo was taken later when she was crying about something else but she scraped her chin, cut her lip open pretty bad, and somehow managed to cut her gums up as well. It was so sad. But she's healing nicely. 

And after that we had tons of fun. I didn't take many pictures because I was busy holding Brynlie the whole time, but we got a few. 

We braved the rope bridges. Well, K cruised through them and I braved them holding an infant. 
Played in the water 
And spent ample time in the sand
I want to go back again and take Cory. He and Kennedy would have so much fun together! 


I now know our zoo pass is expired which sucks, but even with having to pay we had a great time at the zoo on Friday. We went with one of my dearest friends (we were roommates in college and just kind of fell in love with each other haha) and her adorable little boys. We had a ginger army of kids which I loved. I only got one picture, and Brynlie isn't in it, but it's cute anyway. 

Saturday things fell apart for our family. I'm not trying to be vague on purpose, it just isn't the time to talk about it right now. But because of this, there may be another blogging hiatus from me for a bit until the worst is over. I'll try to keep updated on the good things, but you know me... I suck at this. 

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