Random Acts of Camera Roll: Part 2

I really just want to keep my blog updated with pictures of the girls from over the last month. There has been some cute ones! And there's a little of me thrown in there, too. 

I met my best friend at the mall the other day so we could both blow off some steam and just feel human for a while. The whole stay-at-home-mom thing can kind of mess with you. It's amazing how much you can long for a conversation with an adult. We ended up having a great time and the girls got to ride the train! By themselves! Kennedy was just beside herself. This girl and her trains... It was pretty cute to watch them pull up waving and grinning from ear to ear. 

Brynlie is a little weird about her pacifiers. She prefers one in her mouth while she sleeps, obviously, but then she sleeps on top of the other ones; like she's worried someone is going to steal them in the night. When we get her up in the morning she's always sitting like this, with them surrounding her within arms reach, or she has them all in her hands. 

We had taco soup the night of the snow storm. I strained some for B and let her feast on some beans, corn, and tomatoes. She loved them! This girl is an eater! We aren't quite used to it because kennedy has always eaten like a bird, but we are adjusting. 

And then she got a little camera shy... 

Kennedy decided she was in charge of breakfast the other day and set up this table for her and Brynlie. I've told her over and over NOT to give her sister any gold fish, so I was mad, but also had my heart strings pulled that she was sharing so willingly and that she had broken some up into smaller pieces for B so she wouldn't choke. She's a good big sister. 

Here's a fun one: K is really into apples lately. She loves them! But she doesn't usually finish a whole one. Yesterday she actually ate her entire apple and she was proud so I took a picture as proof to show Daddy. After this, I went and got dressed and came back out. She quietly handed me the stem; nothing more. I looked around for the core and never found it... I'm pretty sure she ate it. So she literally ate her WHOLE apple. 

Just more Brynlie standing around. She prefers to be standing pretty much all the time. 

See? I told you there was some of me! Hahaha 

I was recently told about a new brand of fitness clothes that are adorable and much cheaper than grossly over-priced Lululemon or Athleta. $98 for one pair of pants? Are you insane?! **

I bought these pants to test out the brand and I am obsessed. So cute, great quality, super comfy, fits like a dream, and only $20. Boom. 

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JoyLyn said...

I love those workout pants! What is the brand??