Holy Hiatus!

It's not really rare for me to take long breaks from blogging but at least this time I have a good excuse. 

Brynlie spent the ENTIRE month of February sick. The whole. FREAKING. Month. 

And guess what? 

She's still sick. 

We visited a different doctor yesterday when she started not sleeping again at night and was screaming bloody murder for hours on end. We opted for a family physician; someone who doesn't spend the whole day seeing babies with anxious parents when nothing is wrong, which makes them assume everyone is being overly-anxious. 

She has another ear infection. But this doctor gave us a different antibiotic that she only takes once a day for 5 days. Why wasn't that possible when she was almost hospitalized from vomiting and diarrhea from the first round? Could someone please explain that to me? 

She's also had a constant runny nose and sometimes watery eyes. This doctor also suggested it might be allergies, which is something we've never considered before. She was doing much better this weekend until we went over to my parents house and her nose started dripping like a faucet and her eyes were super watery. So we are investigating her being allergic to pet dander. Which isn't ideal because my mom is my best friend and we are at her house all the time. So we will watch that and see if that really is the culprit. We gave her some Benedryl last night and she was much better today so we can add a point to the allergy side. 

We haven't been up to much. I am readily awaiting summer so we can get outside and do fun things and have a life again. 

And speaking of warmer weather...

It finally snowed today!! I was pretty excited. In November we bought kennedy some snow boots and pants and she has been dying to use them. Today she finally got that chance. 

It was actually a pretty stellar day for her. She got to take a bus ride with her preschool class (in a blizzard) to the Treehouse Museum, they had lunch at McDonalds (which she hasn't been to in ages), got to ride the bus home, ate cookie dough with Daddy while watching Duck Tales, played in the snow, and had a bath by herself while eating ice cream. Lots and lots of junk food. 

Anyway I'm getting off topic. She had tons of fun playing in the snow! 
We sent her out and then I couldn't stand sitting in the warm house watching her outside playing alone. So I threw on a coat and boots and went outside. As soon as I walked onto the deck she yelled, "Come on, mommy! Come here! Come down the stairs!"

So I did. And she immediately threw a snowball at me. 
So I kicked some snow at her. And the battle began. 

It all ended well though. 
Brynlie and Daddy watched from the house and had fun being spectators of the fight. 
More snowballs...
And then she worked on her flying form. 
The takeoff was better than the landing. 
It's supposed to be super warm this weekend so the snow won't stay long. But I'm hoping we get at least one more storm so we can use the gear again. 

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