Sicky Sadness

My poor little girls have been so sick the last 2 weeks. 
After a doctors visit on Monday they were both diagnosed with ear and sinus infections and Kennedy had pink eye. Thankfully K is on the mend and back to her usual crazy, beautiful self, but Brynlie is not doing well. 

Since starting the antibiotic she's had bad diarrhea and vomiting and she won't eat. Our main concern is dehydration so we've been instructed to watch for wet diapers and if they don't come, the next step is Primary Children's. Hopefully it doesn't come to that but she's not improving, so we will see. 

At least kennedy is taking good care of her 
And back to making us laugh
We will keep trying to figure out what we can do for our sweet little babe. It breaks my heart. 

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Amy said...

Hope she gets better soon!