Spoke Too Soon

Remember how I said Kennedy was back to herself? Well I threw all kinds of jinx on our family by saying that. 

Day 17 of sickness 

Brynlie seems to be doing a little better. She's at least eating and drinking a little bit so we aren't as worried about dehydration. We had a scare Friday because she was dry for 18 hours. We were about ready to head to Primary Children's Hospital and then she peed. I have never been so happy to see a wet diaper. And she's gotten a little better since. Still not getting as many fluids as she should be but she's at least getting some. Sadly she's still lethargic and super whiny and clingy. If I leave a room without her, her world comes to an end. She still has diarrhea and threw up yet again yesterday. 

Now kennedy has joined the party. She started throwing up last week and has been having issues with it off and on since. Saturday was really, really bad. I loved spending Valentine's Day doing barf laundry and forcing her to drink water. Not. She's also been super whiny and clingy and not sleeping so well because she is still coughing up mucus. Every time I go into her room she begs me to stay and sleep with her. I stay until she falls asleep again and then I always leave in tears. 

Cory has also decided that being sick would be fun. He's had the same stuffiness and gunk for a couple weeks or so but it escalated late last week and really got bad this past weekend. I think he also has a sinus infection, possibly bronchitis with how bad his cough is, and his eyes were red and super gross all weekend so I think he caught their pink eye, too. I'm hoping he can see a doctor soon. He started back with his 4 days on today though so that might be tricky. 

I won't lie, I am a wreck. I can't even keep up to take care of my kids, much less myself. From the moment I'm out of bed till I'm able to finally fall asleep someone needs something. I'm cleaning up vomit, doing more laundry, forcing the girls to drink and try eating, cleaning up toys, having to hold someone because they want me, or starting Curious George over again for the hundredth time. Saturday night I too got sick. I've had a bad sore throat, fever, and body aches. Thankfully the fever has broken but I am still completely and totally exhausted and still have the sore throat. I've spent ample time in tears and on my knees begging for some relief. Cory has given the girls blessings which I think is the sole reason we haven't had to go to the hospital yet. The girls still have until Thursday night before they will be done with their antibiotic and if things don't get better by then, I'm going to need to be committed. We can't even make it to the grocery store.  

This has been a rough winter for us. Kennedy attends two public preschools and Brynlie goes to the gym daycare. Both are things that are necessary so I guess we will just count our blessings that they are building their immunities early so they won't miss tons of school being sick when attendance actually counts. But, I'm pretty darn tired of snot, coughs, puke, and fevers. I'm begging for things to get better. Hopefully they will soon and we won't be spending the entire month of February sick. Just most of it. 


Sicky Sadness

My poor little girls have been so sick the last 2 weeks. 
After a doctors visit on Monday they were both diagnosed with ear and sinus infections and Kennedy had pink eye. Thankfully K is on the mend and back to her usual crazy, beautiful self, but Brynlie is not doing well. 

Since starting the antibiotic she's had bad diarrhea and vomiting and she won't eat. Our main concern is dehydration so we've been instructed to watch for wet diapers and if they don't come, the next step is Primary Children's. Hopefully it doesn't come to that but she's not improving, so we will see. 

At least kennedy is taking good care of her 
And back to making us laugh
We will keep trying to figure out what we can do for our sweet little babe. It breaks my heart. 


Zoo Day In Freaking February

It was 62 degrees today. 

February 5th. 

62 freaking degrees! 

I'll save my rant about how awesome and scary it is for another time (what's summer going to be like? Will we all burn to a crisp?) but we knew that even though we have sick kiddos, we needed to get out of the house today and hit up the zoo. Our membership expires in a couple months so I feel obligated to use it as much as possible. 

Now, you might think the animals would be useless in the winter time. On the contrary my dear friends! The only animals that seemed to have disappeared for a winter vacation were my favorites; the monkeys and the meerkats. No monkeys were present. None. And there was only 1 meerkat. It was sad. 

But the other animals were so easy to see that it made up for it! The lions were out and eating, which was fun. And we had to stop at the usual picture/play area pit stop and take a picture. 
And ride the carousel 
We tried to take a selfie but the lady yelled at me for being on the elephant with Kennedy. Apparently that's frowned upon. 
So we never got a redo. 

Kennedy was super pumped about the crocodiles. 
She's had this fetish with alligators lately. I have no idea where it's coming from. I also decided to be a lazy mom and NOT explain the difference between crocodiles and alligators because let's be honest, I have no idea what the differences are. She can learn that in school someday. 

In my 25 some odd years of attending the zoo I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen the wolves. Today we got an up-close encounter with them. They are such beautiful animals. 

Then came the best part! There's a section of our zoo called the Asian Highlands where naturally, you get to try and see Asian animals. I've always been a little anti-Asian-highlands (NOT anti-Asian, just to be clear) because it's up a steep hill and not shaded. So you waste a good chunk of your time using brute force to push the kids in the stroller up the hill, deplete precious energy trying to pretend that you're not panting and the hill didn't almost kill you off, just to catch an orange glimpse of a tiger tail swishing off in the distance as the tiger waits out the day in the one spot no one can possibly see it until all the gawking spectators go home. 

Today was an exception. I still had to shoulder the kids up the hill, I still had to pretend my breathing wasn't at all affected, but instead we got a show. The tiger was up, he was freshly fed, and in a mood. He played, drank water, roared a bunch for us (that was awesome!) and we got to get reeeaaallly close to him. 
I'm obsessed with that picture. Isn't it incredible for being taken on a cell phone?! I'm crediting the iPhone more than I am the person taking the photo, although she's pretty awesome, too ;). 

After way too much time was spent watching the big kitty, we got to see the grizzly bears play:
And then kennedy decided at that very moment she was done and had had enough. So we hit up Cafe Rio on our way home and called it a day. 

I've been little-miss-deep-thoughts lately. It's been a rough few weeks for me with my emotions. I don't want to get into the gory details but I've learned a lot about how to control how I feel and what makes me happy. Guys, this is probably pretty obvious, but my cute little family makes me so dang happy. I've tried so hard to take a step back from the things of the world and the distractions and focus on what makes me happy. Those sweet, spunky, difficult, adorable little girls are my sunshine. They are my reason for living and breathing and I am so grateful this week, more than ever, to be a mother. And Cory is pretty great, too. I couldn't ask for a better best friend. Ok... Sappy rant over.  

I'm so glad we got to go have some fun and enjoy the sun because now we are battling pink eye, colds, fevers, teething, and coughs. I guess cold and flu season is still in full swing even if it is 62 degrees.