Random Acts of Camera Roll

I've been a bad, bad blogger. In order to play catch up, let's take a trip through my camera roll...


I forgot to mention this kick-A present my mom gave us all for Christmas. It's a blanket and clearly has our family's pictures printed on it. It's awesome! It's also been thrown up on and washed and still looks fantastic! 


Kennedy has been loving playing with her Jeep and trailer. This is probably completely pointless to everyone else to share but to me, doggy going glamping every day is super adorbs. 


I was reminded why I shouldn't ever eat out. And the best part is I asked for extra tomatoes....


This babe's smile is the best! Even if you sometimes have to work pretty hard to get it out of her. 


We went through Cory's baby book the other day and I got yet another reminder that our kids look absolutely nothing like me. The picture with Kennedy scares me the most. It's identical. Even their mouths are the same. I really did give birth to them, right?


Every once in a while I break down because I cannot get Kennedy to tell me anything about school. I have no idea what she does there because she refuses to say a word. I hate it. Please appreciate your conversations with your kids because some people don't get to have them. Anyway, the only thing she does show me is her artwork in her backpack and this was so cute!! I love that she gets to go to school 4 days a week, even though it makes our lives insanely busy. It's made a HUGE difference for her. 


These two are seriously my world. Even when they make my world a living hell sometimes. 


Brynlie LOVES popcorn. She still doesn't have any teeth so we give her tiny little pieces that she can gum but I like to think that she gets that from me :) junk food? Hell, yes!


Kennedy got a haircut!! I am OBSESSED with it! I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner. It's so pretty and makes her look way older. And there's no more tears and fights when I have to brush her hair in the morning. It's been so pleasant she's even started asking me for "pony hair". (pony tail)


Brynlie turned 8 months old! She's toothless, crawling everywhere, annoying her sister, and just as beautiful as ever. 


Scheels! I'm not sure what else we would do to waste our time during the winter months without this place. 


Refueling after a whole day of crawling is super important.


I've used the bathroom with bigger audiences, but none have been this cute. It makes me feel like my toilet time is pretty impressive. 


Seriously need to get to Moab soon. I don't know how to be ok with not having seen red rocks for over a year. It makes me sick.


I like this approach. Much easier. Watch out, friends.

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