Cheyenne, Wyoming

A few months ago my brother accepted a job opportunity that sent them back to live in Cheyenne. While we're excited for the prospects this gives him and his family, we obviously miss the crap out of them. The drive there is long and less than stellar, but they like it there and I do kind of envy their chance to grow closer as a family and how tight and strong living there makes them.

They weren't able to make it out for Christmas so we decided to come to them! Kennedy hadn't seen her cousins since they left and we were really excited to see them!

 The drive there sucked. Bad. Wyoming always has wind and blows snow across the road. We also left the day of the really bad cold spell so it was FREEZING and the roads were iced over.

But it's also kind of beautiful when you're not fearing for your life...
I feel like I'm being a tad dramatic about the drive but it really was scary. We had several close calls where we lost traction but thankfully never spun out. There were half a dozen cars that had spun off the road or rolled on the last half of the drive, so the roads were pretty treacherous. But after 9 exhausting hours, we made it!!

 Our first day there was a Sunday so went to sacrament meeting in their ward then hung out at their house and took an alarming amount of family photos:

 Brock and Brynlie are adorable together. He loves her and she thought he was hilarious.

Brynlie and Britton got to meet again and play together. They were so cute!! At first Britton wasn't too sure about her
But then they warmed up and became buddies
And after a short time were even on the exact same wave length...
I wish I knew what was happening that disgusted them so much.

Some people took naps and read stories

Some cuddled
Of course there were light saber fights

pony playing
and an obscene amount of ipad playing

(see, I told you I had a million pictures! And it's just day one...)

But really, what else are you supposed to do on a Sunday when it is insanely cold?
and I mean cold
Like, REALLY cold...

Monday was still cold but alas, I have no picture to prove it haha. We decided to go to a movie and went to see Night at the Museum 3. It was a fun movie and the kids liked it. Even Brynlie enjoyed her first movie
We also went to breakfast that morning and did more sitting around but I figured 8 million pictures from day one was enough.

Tuesday we decided to go do some shopping. We went to Sportsmans Warehouse first to look at guns. While browsing the store though, Kennedy came across a small, pink, ice fishing pole and HAD to have it. She was so excited she found a "Kennedy pole" and when I told her to put it back she had a massive meltdown. I went and found Cory to tell him what had just happened and he being the sucker he is for his little girls, compromised with her and bought her a Barbie fishing pole instead. I swear, only our Kennedy would freak out over a fishing pole...
 But she was SOOOOO excited.
 And now Cory can take her fishing when it gets warmer. That might be too cute to survive through.
Next we hit up the Frontier Mall to play in the play place and get our wiggles out. Daddy even gave the girls an extreme stroller ride.
 Brynlie holding on to Kennedy is the most adorable thing.
They also have a pet store in the mall and we spent a lot of time playing with the puppies.

For those of you who were inquiring from my instagram, no, we didn't buy one. Getting a dog is part of our family plans one day when the timing is right.

We had a great time hanging out with my family. It was really hard to get back in the car and leave them. Thankfully the roads were clear and nice on the drive home so we got to shave about an hour off the time. Kennedy is already asking me when we can go back.

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