We need to talk about these two for a minute:
(Sorry it's a terrible picture)

Something incredible happened between these two the moment she was born. 

In the hospital, I'm not joking when I say I hardly got to hold her. Cory literally could not put her down. He fed her, changed her, and sat and adored her, even after returning home. 

Since then the bond between these two has been ridiculous - in a good way. Whenever she cries in the night, Cory is up before I realize what's happening and helping her out. He's constantly checking on her and willingly feeds her and rocks her to sleep just about every single night. Brynlie doesn't cuddle much with me but the second her daddy is holding her she cuddles right up to him and just soaks up being in his arms. I can't even explain how excited she gets when he comes home from work. She's much more mellow when he's home which makes me think she misses him when he's working. 

Their bond is the most precious thing and sometimes I feel a little jealous. But then I realize I have the same connection with Kennedy. And we each have our own and uniquely different bond with each of our girls and the love we all feel is nauseatingly awesome. 

I make sure to thank the Lord for Cory every single night. I never want to seem ungrateful for the amazing blessing to have him as my companion forever. I don't even know where he came from. He's an angel. He's so patient with me and our kids, so incredibly helpful, so happy, works so hard, and loves us unconditionally.

The man is a saint and I hope our girls know how lucky they are to have him as a daddy. 

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