Celebrating Christmas

I was so proud of myself this year because I started Christmas shopping back in September. I had about 90% of it done weeks before Christmas until Cory decided we needed MORE toys for Brynlie. In reality I had only purchased her one toy because she really doesn't need any, but this man and his girls... 

So we finished up the Christmas shopping the week before
Hopefully Kennedy didn't notice the toy we got Brynlie was basically the same one "Santa" brought her... 
Brynlie is sitting up completely now so it's been fun to take her places out of her car seat. The bath is also a new, fun experience for her (not Christmas related but super cute)
Anywho, we had an AMAZING Christmas program at church the Sunday before Christmas. It's been a while since I've felt the spirit that strong in sacrament meeting. But then Kennedy creeped me out by showing me this picture on the front of the program 
And saying, "Mommy, the baby is dead." I don't know where she learned about death recently but it's been on her mind a lot. The other day she told me I would die if my head exploded.... 

We also went to see the lights at Temple Square Sunday night with my family. Bless my moms heart for taking pictures. I don't know what is wrong with me lately but I have been truly terrible at taking pictures. It's my resolution to do better. 
Family picture fail in 3... 2... 1...
Thanks, Kennedy. 

Christmas Eve finally arrived and one child would let me get them all cute and Christmassy and the other wouldn't. 
I won't name any names. 

I have to say that playing Santa is the best!!! We were so freaking excited for Kennedy to wake up and see that Santa had visited our house. Only... We accidentally slept in and she woke up before us and already got a peek at the tree before we could see her reaction :( but that's ok, it was still awesome. 
She was really excited about her new bike

And the slew of other gifts she got. Brynlie however had no interest in opening gifts. None. 
She just scratched at them and looked at it then moved on to whatever Kennedy was doing. 

Next we ventured to corys families house for gift exchanges. Kennedy was SPOILED ROTTEN. I have no idea where we're going to put everything she got. We filled the jeep up with toys. Literally. 
After gifts we went to see Unbroken. I was supposed to have read the book for our book club but had just had Brynlie and didn't have time. The movie was amazing so now I want to read the book. 

Next we went over to see my family and have dinner and open presents. My mom made the most fantastic rolls ever. And I have to write that down because we promised her we would document the day she made perfect rolls. It was a Christmas miracle! 

Once again our kids were spoiled and once again I didn't take any pictures and had to steal them from someone else. I will be better. I promise. 
Brynlie was jazzed about her new wardrobe. She may actually be more of a girl than Kennedy is. 

And she sat on the floor being adorable even though she was exhausted.
We waited patiently to open gifts 
And Kennedy started things off 
And we lost her when she opened the dollhouse Lisa gave her. All she wanted to do was open it. 
And when daddy didn't jump when she said jump she tried to take matters into her own hands and open it herself with scissors. We opened it immediately after that. 

We truly had a perfect Christmas. It even snowed the night before and all day making it that much more magical. I can't express how blessed I feel to have such an amazing family and to get to spend the holidays with them. 

I hope everyone had a great holiday as well! 



We need to talk about these two for a minute:
(Sorry it's a terrible picture)

Something incredible happened between these two the moment she was born. 

In the hospital, I'm not joking when I say I hardly got to hold her. Cory literally could not put her down. He fed her, changed her, and sat and adored her, even after returning home. 

Since then the bond between these two has been ridiculous - in a good way. Whenever she cries in the night, Cory is up before I realize what's happening and helping her out. He's constantly checking on her and willingly feeds her and rocks her to sleep just about every single night. Brynlie doesn't cuddle much with me but the second her daddy is holding her she cuddles right up to him and just soaks up being in his arms. I can't even explain how excited she gets when he comes home from work. She's much more mellow when he's home which makes me think she misses him when he's working. 

Their bond is the most precious thing and sometimes I feel a little jealous. But then I realize I have the same connection with Kennedy. And we each have our own and uniquely different bond with each of our girls and the love we all feel is nauseatingly awesome. 

I make sure to thank the Lord for Cory every single night. I never want to seem ungrateful for the amazing blessing to have him as my companion forever. I don't even know where he came from. He's an angel. He's so patient with me and our kids, so incredibly helpful, so happy, works so hard, and loves us unconditionally.

The man is a saint and I hope our girls know how lucky they are to have him as a daddy. 


6 Months


Weight: 17 lbs 
Height: 27"
I don't remember the head... Oops 

Brynlie is starting to eat solids but I am the worst at finding time to feed them to her. We've tried sweet potatoes, carrots, and squash. Carrots were not her favorite but the other two went well. My goal this week is to consistently feed her solids every day. 

She's getting better at sitting up. She can hang out for a while sitting on the floor with the boppie wrapped around her. She lasts a short time alone and eventually knocks herself over when she gets too excited.

She's rolling all over the place and loves getting up on her hands and knees but doesn't know what to do about it yet. 

She grabs things quickly and is extremely curious about everything. 

Still loves her daddy, her sister (and me of course), fights sleep, hates being alone, and keeps us laughing each day. Oh, and still eating 6 oz every 3-4 hours and still in size 2 diapers and 6-9 month clothes.