I'm Sorry, Thanksgiving

I am usually so against celebrating or accepting that Christmas is coming until after Thanksgiving. We just can't overlook mashed potato day.

But this year I've broken my own rules. I am frighteningly excited for Christmas! I cannot stand it! We've already been listening to Christmas music (or is it "holiday" music?), we have an embarrassingly crappy countdown to Christmas chart made, I've already done half our Christmas shopping, and I'm hoping to convince Cory to put our tree up this weekend. Why all the excitement? It's simple; I am excited because Kennedy is excited. And playing Santa is so much fun!! 

But let me back up. I'm getting ahead of myself... 

Cory and I had a date planned to the Cheesecake Factory tonight for my birthday. But then we heard that Santa was arriving at City Creek Mall (where we were going to be eating) and we knew Kennedy would go completely nuts to see that. So we arranged our plans to include Kennedy. Grandma and Brynlie got to play. 

Date night = an excuse to actually wash my hair, wear it down, and put on makeup. 
But can we please talk about the fact that my skinny jeans are no longer tight?!
Progress, guys!! I'm getting there... 

Anywho, we enjoyed a fabulous dinner and my dates were pretty darn attractive 
And here's one where Kennedy doesn't look like she's about to stab someone in the hand
Then we headed outside to the official Santa viewing area with an hour to spare. We immediately ran into our neighbors from across the street and they filled us in on what the Santa arrival was like since they were veterans. They were so great with Kennedy, too. They're fantastic neighbors.

 It was absolutely packed after 15 minutes
But there was so much excitement in the air
And we kept busy playing with the glow sticks that were handed out and fighting with people who tried to push their way into our good spot. I learned something new about myself tonight; if you mess with my sweethearts ability to see Santa, I will cut you. 

After a solid hour of waiting, Santa finally made his appearance 
And Kennedy loved it. I have video of her reaction when Santa showed up on top of the building but I'm too lazy to upload it. She was excited!! 
He walked right by us and she got to see him close up. She didn't say much but told my mom with pure jubilation about it when we picked up Brynlie later. It was worth every second standing in heeled boots, every fight we got in to, and every shove I experienced. 

Let's bring on the Christmas excitement!! I love this time of year!! (Not so much the crowds....) 

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JoyLyn said...

I love that picture of Kennedy looking at Santa Claus! So great. Looks like you guys had lots of fun!