Completely Random

Until I acquire the skill of remembering to take more photos of life, you get super randomness for this post. 

I have completely mastered cooking a steak. And it never touches a grill. Come on over and I'll share my amazing culinary skills with you. Just b.y.o. steak; beef prices are ridiculous. And this steak wasn't quite as red as the camera made it look. But it was heavenly. 

I told Cory the other day I wondered what I would look like with dark red hair since it's pretty popular right now (I'm just kidding, I never know what's popular). The question led to an app which led to the above phenomenon. Cory hated it, my mom hated it, but part of me loves it. I'll never do it because I would feel obligated to go through my days wishing for legs and singing "Part of Your World," but it was fun to try virtually. 

Holy crap, yes. I hate selfies for no reason. 

I cannot stop laughing at this:
Or this:

I smashed my finger over 3 weeks ago at the gym while racking a 45 lb weight. Basically the weight tried to eat the bone in my finger. This is my bruise that is STILL there, and it's still super sensitive to the touch. I will be more careful from now on. Lesson learned. 

Yeah.... I don't know either. 

This is now a background on my phone. 

Brynlie is getting stronger every day at sitting up. We're hoping by Christmas she will have it. 

Yesterday we went to run an errand really quick and Kennedy fell asleep in the car. I carried her inside and asked if she wanted to sleep on the couch. She said no and stumbled up the stairs. I started dinner and realized it was very quiet. I found her like this, dead asleep:

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