Conference Weekend

We had an enjoyable conference weekend. But let me back up...

This week when we went to the grocery store Kennedy noticed the pumpkin bins were out and FREAKED OUT! She was so excited and wanted a pumpkin so badly. I told her in the car we could get one (which was followed by clapping and elated screams) until I noticed the price... wah, wah...

Needless to say, we didn't get any. I knew they would be cheaper at a pumpkin patch. I told her Daddy wanted to be part of picking out a pumpkin and she reluctantly accepted the reason. 

So Saturday between sessions, we planned to go get pumpkins. The weather could not have been more gorgeous! We went to Pack Farms in Farmington. We usually procrastinate buying pumpkins until the week before Halloween and end up with slim pickings (and no time to carve them), so it's pretty impressive that we got out to do it already; especially when we haven't even reached double digit days in October yet. Three cheers to us!! 

Anyway, we took some cheesy pictures:

 Grabbed our cart and headed out to the pumpkin patch.

 Kennedy spent the entire time trying to find baby pumpkins, which wasn't that hard. It only took a few minutes before our cart was full of "baby pumpkins". We figured since we have tons of stairs in front of our house and we didn't even buy pumpkins last year, that we would let her go nuts this year.

 And she took total advantage of that. In the end we went home with 12-13 pumpkins, totaling 100lbs, for the same price as one giant pumpkin at the grocery store. No, we don't plan on carving them all haha.

Sunday was spent with the majority of our day in our PJ's in front of the TV, like any good conference weekend. 
 Followed by story time...
 And naps...

I sure love this little family of mine. 

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